The Newest Hunter

Baby Alex arrived in this world yesterday at 3:48 PM after being 2 weeks overdue, requiring pitocin, an epidural and finally 3 hours of pushing.  The kid arrived with a 36 inch (oh Hell No.  I mean centimeter) head, 21 ½ inches long, and weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces.  This is where Alex is going to live.


The photo only offers a partial view.  There is also bear, antelope, elk, and cougar in this nursery.


At first glance you might think this is a den not a nursery, but upon closer inspection you realize that the bighorn sheep, the moose, and the deer are, in fact, stuffed animals.  No, not stuffed animals like dead and all stuffed, but stuffed animals like you can buy at Toys R Us.  My brother has decorated the nursery with a rugged outdoor hunter theme. 


Alex is still in the hospital.  Tomorrow will be his first night in his new digs.


I’m certain he’ll dream of stalking his prey in the rugged mountainous Tetons of Wyoming.  He’ll wake for some tasty booby milk and go back to sleep wondering if a thirty aught six or a six mm is a better rifle to kill a deer with.  And I’m sure he just can’t wait to get teeth so he can put the booby milk aside and chow down on some venison. 


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One Response to “The Newest Hunter”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I am so envious any room that has a stuffed ram’s head!

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