The Post Party

I received a mid-afternoon e-mail yesterday informing me that I won best columnist at Q Salt Lake and that I was invited to the 3rd Annual Fabby awards at a local bar.  We re-arranged some plans.  Arranged for a babysitter.  And off we went. 


It was the Academy Awards of all things locally queer.


And the best part was this.  We were invited to a post-Fabby’s party.  You know how after the Oscars there are parties all over town.  Some parties carry prestige and are almost impossible to get into.  Others almost anyone can attend but don’t expect many star citing.  Well, we got into the best post-party in town.  Complete with a number of Fabby winners themselves.  Lawyers, elected officials, queer leaders, fork lift operators, and us.  I quickly mixed a vodka and cranberry juice for my girl and told her to drink fast.  We had only 20 minutes to play.  We committed to our babysitter that we’d be home around 9 PM so she could get a few hours zzzzs before driving the 10 hours to Phoenix to a NASCAR race.  (Yes, we actually trust our children with a hard core NASCAR fan.)


The sitter had gotten the boys in bed without incident. (What’s her secret?)  Our big night on the town lasted less than 2 ½ hour.  We were in bed by 10. 


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3 Responses to “The Post Party”

  1. piecesofgray Says:

    We were lucky to be in your presence, most fabulous Fabby Winner!
    Thanks for joining us. And just so you know, we were in bed by 10:40.

  2. Chicory Says:

    Congratulations! We’ll be able to use this award of yours on the back blurb of our book!

  3. Valentino Says:

    Wow this sounds so fabbylous! The best parties in town huh. Well, in my opinion its about time that you and Kimmie start getting what you deserve, hence your so fabbylous. Next time call me. I would have loved to participate and hit the parties but I would have stayed with the kiddo’s past ten so my girls could play longer. Congratulations….you know I am your number two fan….(kimmie and the boys take first I guess wink wink)…love you and so proud of you

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