Casey’s Mamma Kim legal stranger got up early to prepare for his 2nd birthday party.  I kept the boys out of the kitchen while she prepared a spiral ham, made homemade macaroni and cheese and then baked and frosted the most A-Dora-ble birthday cake ever.



While the cake may look picture-perfect, we didn’t exactly think through every detail of the party.  For example, I was proud of myself for buying a pull-string piñata so there wouldn’t be young children swinging bats.  But I didn’t consider that only soft objects should be stuffed inside.  When the correct string was pulled, Dora began pelting play dough tubs and plastic puppies upon the heads of toddlers.  As it rained treasures, toddlers dove into the chaos to get their share.  More than one received a bruised forehead in addition to their wares. A baseball bat probably would have been safer.  At least then it would have been on my mind to keep the youngsters a safe distance from the piñata. 


We invited our LDS neighbors to attend the festivities.  Our kids play well together and they seem like genuinely nice people.  Most Mormons probably wouldn’t even consider attending a party at the lesbian’s house next door, but like I said they’re clearly good people.    They probably figured it was a toddler’s birthday party.  I mean, how aberrant could it be? 


They were, perhaps, unprepared for the keg in the bathtub. 




It was just a few beers.  A lot of loud relatives.  And more queer folk than they have probably met in their lives.  It may be true that Mormons (Utah born and bred) don’t know how to act around us queers.  But it cannot be said that us queers (Utah born and bred) don’t know how to act around Mormons.  We’re like the housekeeper in the owner’s home.  See, I’ve been the only gay person in a room full of Mormons more times than I can count.  My first memory of this was called kindergarten.  Most recently I call it a job interview. 


But when Mormons aren’t in the majority, we tend to think we can be ourselves.  This means this little boy’s party included:

Gender-bending in the form of more pink than a Victoria’s Secret catalog


Hugs and kisses among girls and boys, girls and girls, and boys and boys


A conversation on the pros vs. cons of circumcision

And the birthday boy himself shouting “Dammit” when he didn’t want to share his train.


I wonder if they’ll come back for the next birthday party?


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7 Responses to “A-Dora-ble”

  1. Carrie Says:

    This is just my kind of party!

  2. Flem Says:

    Raining play-dough and plastic puppies upon toddlers heads. THAT is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time!

    I knew someday my influence would rub off on you 🙂


    “I’m not an alcoholic, I just need it to get through the day” – Co-worker Joyce

  3. Chicory Says:

    And let’s not forget the full-blown temper tantrum of my little one over those damned trains!

    It was a fabulous party!

  4. tonya cinnamon Says:

    chuckling…. oh i bet it was a great party !!:D
    i bet the toddlers loved all the goodies LOL..
    waves to you from a newbie reader ^___^

  5. Paul F. Says:

    That is a really cool cake.

  6. Valentino Says:

    I was wondering why kimmie had that look on her face when I offered the neighbors a beer? Just kidding. This party was fabulous. I was just sad I did not take more time to ask your neighbors more in depth about how I can get in that temple? When Kimmie told me she actually made Dora I started looking for reciepts from the local store to prove that she really is not the most amazing partner ever…..YOU LUCKY ASS…love you…and thanks for the invite

  7. Happy Belated Birthday « Qweird Utah Says:

    […] who just turned 1.  And since Kim’s tradition is to bake and frost the tastiest and most adorable cakes ever, I thought I’d start with a […]

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