Boxers Vs. Pajamas

Kim sleeps in boxers and a plain white T-shirt.  I sleep in the most interesting pair of pink paisley pants you could ever imagine along with any slightly worn top I can find on my floor. But the boys sleep in the widest array of pajamas you could imagine.


My boys are to pajamas as Emilda Marcos is to shoes.


It seems that every time I turn around, Kim is buying one or the other (or both) a new pair.  This weekend Kim used Casey’s birthday as an excuse to buy both Casey and Riley new pajamas.  Here they are sporting their new wares, getting cuddles before bed.




It wasn’t until this morning that I understood her pajama fetish. I thought it was because of Riley’s eczema and Casey’s new habit of peeing through that explained why they both have so many pajamas. 


Riley mixes and matches tops and bottoms into the most interesting combinations and then wears each “outfit” exactly one night before tossing it aside (inside out might I add).  The pajamas eventually make their way to the laundry pile and eventually get washed.  We typically do laundry when we run out of bras or socks.  But they’ve never run out of pajamas.  I think they each have a month’s supply.


This morning I was looking through Kim’s childhood photo album to gather some embarrassing pics of her in her prom dress and compile evidence that she did at one time have long hair.  Then, I noticed that she had numerous photos of her in the SAME PAIR OF PAJAMAS.  Because they looked like a baseball jersey with the V-neck and pinstripes, I figured it must have been her favorite pair. 


Turns out that Kim had only one pair of pajamas.  She wore the pajamas for an entire week until – on Thursday – because everything was regimented like that – her mother washed them.  When summer arrived, her mother pulled out the summer pair and the winter baseball jersey made its way back into the storage bucket.  Kim was allowed a new pair of pajamas when she outgrew the former pair but growing was never her finest ability.  Those blue flannel baseball jersey pajamas lasted for more than 3 years. 


I think she might have some scarcity issues here resulting in hoarding and overcompensation.  Now I am left wondering, should I buy her a pair of pajamas?  I’ve never known her to wear anything but boxers.  But inside is she longing for PJs?



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6 Responses to “Boxers Vs. Pajamas”

  1. simpleexistence Says:

    I say, don’t buy PJs. We buy them every Christmas and they just sit there waiting to be worn. The boy starts out with them and rarely ends up in them in the morning.

  2. piecesofgray Says:

    I vote “yes”!
    For God’s sake, buy the poor girl some pj’s! Buy her a pair for EVERY season – or every holiday.
    …and I’m glad you found proof of that prom dress and long hair. I’ll wait my turn but I’m looking foward to it.

  3. Chicory Says:

    I have the same damn issue. I would get a new pair of pajamas at Christmas and that was it, unless a cousin handed some down. Pajamas were not high on the priority list in a household where the weekly grocery budget was measured in coins not bills.

    And now I have drawers overflowing with pajamas. I wear pajamas all the time. They were some of the first things I bought myself when I started earning my own disposable income.

    I also have the same issue with towels and sheets. When I was growing up there weren’t enough towels. You’d find a towel in the laundry and you’d HIDE IT if you didn’t want to drip dry. You’d take that precious towel with you to the bathroom and hang it up in your closet or someone would STEAL it. And each bed had exactly ONE set of sheets. The weekend I was in highschool and bought MY VERY OWN TOWEL and THEN SAW THAT I COULD BUY SHEETS was an awakening to me.

    Now, in addition to my plethora of pajamas, I have more towels and sheets than I can ever use. It’s a sickness. I need help.

    I say if Kim wanted pajamas for herself then she’d buy them, but you could surprise her with new boxers…

  4. Paul F. Says:

    That picture of you and the kids is adorable!

  5. Mary Leslie Says:

    Hmm, I have the same issues with food and stuff in general. But not PJs, I hate sleeping in anything. Which can prove an issue if like me you are modest to public nudity. I am hopeful that there will not be an emergency to occur in the middle of the night that does not allow enough time for me to put on my discarded shorts and tshirt. Unfortunately, caring for my recently aged 95 year old Grandfather, I have found myself awaking to the cries for help that panic me…..not enough yet to run out naked – I yell, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming’ as I grasp for clothing (sometimes with my shirt inside out and shorts not quite pulled up, I find him fallen over, I wish he’d go to bed before me, like 1 AM). Miss you all, Mary

  6. Picture This « Qweird Utah Says:

    […] people have more shoes than they’ll ever wear.  Others, like Kimmie, like to collect boxers (remember the pajama need?)  I myself can’t resist a good […]

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