PhD humor or lack thereof

Last night, my partner had a bunch of people over from her PhD program.  I felt a little tentative, nervous about being surrounded by such radical, political, intelligent people.  I wondered if I could hold my own politically and intellectually.  Turns out, I needn’t worry.  Three hours, and lots of beers later, I overheard this conversation.


PhD Student #1: I have a knock knock joke for you.

PhD Student #2: Okay.

PhD Student #1: Knock knock

PhD Student #2: (long pause.)  I don’t get it.

PhD Student #1: It’s a knock knock joke.  You’re supposed to say ‘Who’s there?’

PhD Student #2: Ok, sorry.  Who’s there?

PhD Student #1: Interrupting Cow.

PhD Student #2: What?  How is that funny? 

PhD Student #1: It’s not done.  You’re supposed to say ‘interrupting cow who?’ Haven’t you heard a knock knock joke before?

PhD Student #2: What?  I’m just supposed to know what to say?  I don’t get it.

PhD Student #1:  It’s a knock knock joke…Just say ‘interrupting cow who?’

PhD Student #2: Interrupting cow wh

PhD Student #1: Moo (followed by laughter)

PhD Student #2: How is that funny?  That’s just stupid.  Why’d you interrupt me?


I no longer felt intimidated by these soon-to-be PhDs.  I just felt very……SOBER.


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5 Responses to “PhD humor or lack thereof”

  1. Carrie Says:

    There are jokes that are ONLY funny when drunk….remember the knock-knock joke, banana, banana, banana, orange? You’ve got to be drinking or five for that one!

  2. Jeremy Franklin Says:

    Yeah, as you saw last night, we are not that smart. We just fool the system. Thanks for opening up your house to us last night. I had a great time!

  3. Judith Says:

    well if you put it this way…i say it was culturally irrelevant…i have to look out for my girl 😉
    i also agree with jeremy but unfortunately some of us are never even considered phd students…and let’s have another party so we can hear/learn some of these knock, knocks…

  4. Valentino Says:

    wow even I could have fit in…very cool LOL…knock knock!

  5. i peed a little - so funny you might wet your pants Says:

    i peed a little – so funny you might wet your pants…

    […]PhD humor or lack thereof « Qweird Utah[…]…

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