Booze, Cigarettes, and Women

I spent the last 2 days in Roosevelt, so there is so much to write about.  But I’m going to pace myself.  More Roosevelt to come in the days ahead.


I spent a chunk of time with my grandparents on both sides, valuable time that I treasure even more now that they’re getting older.  I spent time with my dad and both his brothers.  My dad has a younger brother who has always been particularly irresponsible.  But irresponsible in a charming and hilarious way.  Irresponsibility that makes him endearing as my uncle and leaves me oh so thankful he isn’t my father.   


Years ago, my mom did his taxes which resulted in the following exchange.


Mom:   “You made $80,000 this year.  What did you do with all that money?”


Uncle:  “Well, let’s see.  I probably spent $10,000 on booze, $10,000 on cigarettes, about $10,000 on women.  I spent $1500 on that old truck out there.  I paid you twenty bucks to do my taxes.  Hell, I must have just wasted the rest.”


But he’s finally growing up and settling down.  He’s married a woman who I believe is smarter than him (rare for him in all his marriages) and she doesn’t put up with his shit.  He’s working hard to put her through college and they have a toddler together.  A toddler who he dotes on.  It’s charming really.  57 years old and finally all growed up.



3 Responses to “Booze, Cigarettes, and Women”

  1. Uncle Doug Says:

    It just hit me you didn’t stop by to “BS”, like Tom T Hall, you was looking for a story.
    The Other Uncle

  2. Valentino Says:

    Great! So its okay I do not know what I want to be when I grow up. Only problem I am not making 80,000…damn it!

  3. Carrie Says:

    I think there’s a country song that says the exact same thing…I think its a redneck thing.

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