I take my kudos where I can get them


On Sunday I took Grandma out to breakfast at the restaurant where I used to work. Riley stayed with cousins but I had Casey on my hip along with a diaper bag and I looked – ohh so domestic.  The restaurant has changed a lot since I worked there 15 years ago.  The menu, the servers, the quality of the food seems to have gone down.  But not the prices; they’d gone up.  Anyway, it was an early birthday breakfast for Grandma.  This reminds me – BIG SHOUT OUT TO GRANDMA as today is her birthday.  That very morning, Grandma told me she refused to be an old lady.  I love that about her.  78 years old and still so young. 



Anyway there was a server working there from my days as waitress.  She walked up to me and asked how I was.  I told her I was putting the smarter half through school, and living the Mommy life as a stay-at-home mom.  (I repeat. This gets so much more status in Utah than anything else I could say.)  I was the opposite of who she expected me to be.  So domestic.  So normal looking.  15 years changes a lot.  Anyway, the end of our conversation went like this:


Server:  Umm, I just want you to know my daughter is LIKE THAT.

Me:   Like what?  Gay?

Server:  (hushed voice) Yes.  She just came out, but I knew for awhile.

Me: I’ll be damned. 

Server: (mumbling still in a hushed voice as she turned to grab the coffee pot) so thank you.



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4 Responses to “I take my kudos where I can get them”

  1. Davina Says:

    Sorry I am just a lurker who bounced over here from “an acident of hope” a while back and I love your blog! You are SO funny and I really appreciate/can relate to your outlook on things. So anyway, now that I have fawned over you like a blubering idiot, on to my reason for commenting.

    What was she thanking you for? Exposing her to lesbian type vibes so she would recognize them in her own progeny? or just for being a domestic type lesbian so she still has a hpoe for grand babies in her future? or any of a myrid of strange strange things to thank you for?

  2. Valentino Says:

    I say a thank you is a thank you. I bet she was astounded about how amazing you are and everything you are accomplishing or have accomplished. It may not be much to you but for those around like myself who’s lives you have changed it is a lot. You gave her hope I am assuming that even Lesbians can have “normal” lives. Whatever the hell normal is right. Anyway I am glad that you got some kudo’s. You deserve it. Your one hell of a woman. Love you!

  3. Carrie Says:

    It’s my opinion nothing is as crucial in the fight for basic human rights as the “neighbor next door” effect (or is it affect? I can never get those two straight, I mean correct!) Gay rights take on a whole different perspective when its that nice family next door. In Utah, its the small victories that will win the war.

  4. qweirdutah Says:

    But you’all didn’t see how domestic I looked. I think I was being thanked for looking so damn NORMAL, for having babies, and for giving hope that crazy gay teen might one day be having brunch with Grandma and a babe on the hip.

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