This will not curb your chocolate craving

My friend Will has been excited to make vegan brownies for the last week.  I wasn’t sure what the excitement was about necessarily.  I typically save my enthusiasm for food items with milk and eggs.  And a lot of butter and sugar which were also absent from his brownie recipe. 


Flour.  Check.

Applesauce.  Check.

Cocoa Powder.  Check.

Agave Nectar.  Hmm.  Not in the juice aisle.  Not in the Ethnic aisle.  No where to be found.


Will’s thought process must have gone something like this.


Well, here’s guava nectar.  Guava shares 4 letters with agave.  Anything that has a A-G-A-V in it has to taste pretty close to agave.  Switch a little U to an E and -ta da – you’ve got agave.  Definitely worth a try. 


Agave Guava  nectar.  Check.


The brownies looked enticing.

They filled the kitchen with a delightful aroma while baking.

I was even getting excited for a little vegan taste test.


They were disgusting.

The brownies were cakey and crumbly.  And they were not sweet.

I considered adding a scoop of ice-cream to the mix, but figured it’d just destroy the ice-cream.

Will agreed.  The brownies were a bust.

We threw the entire pan out.


The moral of the story according to Will:  Guava does not equal agave.

The moral of the story according to me:  vegan schmeegan!


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5 Responses to “This will not curb your chocolate craving”

  1. vigilant20 Says:

    lol Cute story. Vegan baking can be pretty dicey even with all the right ingredients. One more reason it’s great to be a vegetarian. You can eat real food. Including real brownies. That taste good.

  2. Valentino Says:

    What is the reason again that it is great to be a vegetarian? If what I picked out of the trash and ate was a “real” brownie than give me all the fake ones and a big glass of milk!

  3. Carrie Says:

    Isn’t agave the plant that tequila is made from? Now that would be my kind of brownie!

  4. Chicory Says:

    damn! I should have come over tonight!

  5. Eric Says:

    When you lack agave nectar, try substituting brown rice syrup. 🙂


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