Another get rich quick idea

I took the little mooches to the zoo today.  We saw hundreds of animals and an equal number of pregnant women.  What is it about pregnant women and the zoo?  We rode the train.  The rip-off-3-minute-so-not-worth-a-dollar train ride that somehow the boys always convince me they deserve to ride.  We waited our 10 minutes to get on the train when I realized what a brilliant idea a train actually is.


At $1 per person

With at least 50 people per train ride.

Train ride = approx. 3 minutes. (This allows 2 minutes for unloading/reloading and the train can still operate 12 rides per hour.)

50 folks at a dollar a piece X 12 rides an hour = $600 buck an hour

$600 per hour that’s about $4800 per 8 hour day.

You gotta employ a ticket-taker and a train operator.  At $10 per hour that’s a mere  $160 per day.

There’s track to lay (does one lay track?), a train to buy, and gasoline is expensive.  Would I need to purchase train liability insurance?  Even so, at $4800 per day intake, I think there’s profit to be made here.


Wonder what a train costs?



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3 Responses to “Another get rich quick idea”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Only you would ride the train at the zoo and try to figure out a way to get rich off it!

  2. Eric Says:

    One does, indeed, “lay track”.

    Is this a family-oriented blog? Because I can come up with one or two off-colour examples….

  3. Judith Says:

    maybe Will can make agave brownies with tequila instead of agave nectar and real wheat flour (not masa harina),you can host parties where we tell knock, knock jokes and sell them to grad students…or at Riley’s baseball games 😉

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