It’s time for some REAL baseball

In preparation for Riley to start tee ball tomorrow, we did a little shopping.  My cute little sporty-dyke was happier than I had ever seen her while shopping.  Last week I dragged her to a few clothing spots and got nothing but half-hearted nods.  She actually swooned over the bat.  Insisted on buying multiple balls.  The mitt she bought is top notch.  Of course, Riley got his own tee too.  My kid now has more equipment than I suspect the coach even has.  We got home and she tore through the packaging like it was Solstice.  Then we all went out and played.  An hour later we returned.  I was hot and tired having played more baseball in the last hour than I had played in the last decade.  Riley hadn’t even taken off his shoes when he announced, “That was just practice.  Now its time for some REAL BASEBALL.”

He turned on the TV.  He inserted “Wii Sports.”  He proceeded to hit a home run.



2 Responses to “It’s time for some REAL baseball”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Wii sports is the only kind of softball I like also…smart man, Riley!

  2. Flem Says:

    That is so cool. But you know me, Flem the baseball maniac. Just make sure that he learns the 10 rules of the game over the next couple of years.

    1. HAVE FUN. Don’t let them (coaches, other parents, other team, teammates) take the fun away.

    2. 2 Hands for fly balls and pop-ups. Always 2 hands.

    3. If you can, teach Riley to switch hit or bat lefty. The extra step towards first is always an advantage.

    4. You learn more from a strikeout than you do from a hit (mainly learn how to get a hit off that pitcher the next time)

    5. Always look the ball into your glove (kind of a cousin to #2)

    6. NEVER play catcher!!

    7. HAVE FUN

    8. Teach the art of the “productive out”

    9. Know where the forces are when in the field.

    10. If the league allows it, use a wooden bat. There’s nothing like the sound of a solid hit off a wooden bat.


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