Keeping it Real – Mother’s Day Photo Contest

The folks over at are hosting a Mother’s Day Photo Contest with the theme “motherhood”.  I checked out some of the pics already and many of them are these amazing and beautiful portraits of motherhood often seen through the innocence of childhood.  There are dozens of truly talented and emotional peeks into mothers’ lives.  I wanted to enter so I went through literally hundreds of photos of the family, of the boys, of me pregnant.  And this is the picture I decided on:


Why this one you might ask?  This one where I look like I am 2 weeks overdue, where I look like I have been in the hospital for 4 days on a multi-day pitocin induction, where I look like I haven’t slept – for even a moment – in 72 hours, where I look like I am about to be wheeled into surgery to get this kid out of me.  Why this one?


Motherhood is about joy and beauty and unconditional love.  But motherhood is also about pain and sacrifice.


My tummy used to be flat.

I used to sleep 8 hours a night.

I used to buy lattes. Now I buy diapers.

I don’t get the luxury of being selfish anymore.

I have never known pain and heartache as when this child lets me down.

I have a road map of motherhood that stretches from my boobs to my knees. 

Some days do feel like labor. 


And even so, I got lost in this child the second I laid eyes on him.



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14 Responses to “Keeping it Real – Mother’s Day Photo Contest”

  1. Davina Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better.

  2. Keri Says:

    This is beautiful. You, my friend, are beautiful.

  3. Carrie Says:

    I think it’s a great picture….a perfect visualization of sacrifice.

  4. that girl Says:


  5. simpleexistence Says:

    This is great!

  6. The Finalists in the $1000 Mother’s Day Photo Contest Says:

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  7. Alyson @ 3 P's in a Pod Says:

    Oh that is so well said.:)

  8. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) Says:

    girl – the fact that you posted such an honest photo – AND your fabulous and oh so true words along with it – gave us no other choice but to move you to the finals. 🙂 THAT is motherhood – sacrifice and loving it

  9. Dawn Says:


  10. Linda at 2nd cup Says:

    You are so right!

  11. Carey Says:

    You are so right. Thanks for sharing this side of motherhood that many forget about. Good luck in the photo contest.

  12. Mandy Says:

    wow! Thank you on behalf of all moms everywhere.

  13. Real Motherhood « An Accident of Hope Says:

    […] So, here’s the picture that she entered. […]

  14. tonya cinnamon Says:

    voted for you 😀

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