Almost Famous

I woke up this morning to more blog hits – a hundred more hits – than I have had in my ENTIRE 3 weeks blogging.  What’s this?  Turns out the photo I entered for the motherhood contest a few days ago is one of the 20 finalists.  This is a big deal.  Huge!  The winning photo receives a $1000 gift card. 


Things I could do with One Thousand Dollars

  • I could buy 333 lattes at my favorite coffee shop.
  • I could pay the retainer fee to our lawyer to finally get the co-guardian agreement done so Kim could be Casy’s legal guardian instead of his legal stranger.
  • I could landscape the backyard, xeroscape, and put in a whole lot of water resistant Utah natives (the plant – not the people).
  • I could definitely go back to organic fruits, vegetables and local dairy milk.
  • But as boring as it sounds, what I would really do with it is buy screen doors with locks and put in a fence since Casey just learned this week how to escape.   

The contest is decided now entirely by voting, and considering my recent entry into the blogosphere, I figure I’m the underdog.  Even so, if you have a moment, please click over to

and vote for me. 


In the meantime, I’m gonna sit back and check my blog statistics numerous times a day. I’m almost famous after all.



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7 Responses to “Almost Famous”

  1. Carrie Says:

    It is huge, isn’t it? (the photo contest, not the belly in the photo entered…although that was huge as well!)

  2. Uncle Mike Says:

    Voted for your mothers day pic. Your pic shows to me, one of the many ways people say that they love each other. Sherree says Hi.

    Love Mike and Sherree

  3. David Says:

    You were always “almost famous” in my book

  4. Rachael Says:

    I voted for you! A fellow Utahn should definitely take home the cake!

  5. Megan Says:

    Voted for your mothers day picture today…will try to get others at work to do the same!

  6. simpleexistence Says:

    That is very brave and beautiful.

  7. AC Says:

    I voted for you. Good Luck!

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