Lesbian anyone? Go ahead, litigate me.




If you’re lazy like me and you don’t actually click on the above link, you should at least know that there is now a lawsuit underway to stop a gay rights organization in Greece from being able to use the term “lesbian.”  If successful, the next step is world de-lesbianization.  See, it causes daily problems to the social life of Lesbos’s inhabitants.  Imagine the confusion.


Lesbian:   I’m a lesbian.


lesbian:  Me too.  I have a U-Haul.  Your house or mine.


Lesbian:  No, really, I’m a LESBIAN.  As in, an occupant from the Isle of Lesbos.


lesbian:  Oh, never mind. 


Lesbian:  Have you ever considered how YOU PEOPLE violate our human rights and disgrace our good name around the world?


lesbian:  oh, um, sorry.  Maybe I should start calling myself a Sapphist.


9 Responses to “Lesbian anyone? Go ahead, litigate me.”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Wait…can I still call myself a redneck?

  2. Valentino Says:

    Ahhh I totally read this article and thought it should be something to add your blog! I am so happy you wrote on it….i love it : )

  3. Davina Says:

    LMAO — no really that is all I’ve got. That is too funny for comment! So I guess I should stop commenting now.

  4. simpleexistence Says:

    Hmm… I like sapphist. Sounds artsy.

  5. guessworker Says:

    well begun is half done. Nice post.

  6. girlinhat42 Says:

    Sapphist sounds like some sort of cult. I suggest we go back to the age-old term of “Muffdiver”

  7. annymorris Says:

    Muffdiver?! Never heard of! i am a redneck definitely

  8. heelspain4beauty Says:

    Haha. It made me laugh. Good post.

  9. lesbian dating girls Says:

    love the post, and i agree, sapphist does sound culty hehe

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