A Day of Rest

This full-time employment thing has really cut into my blogging time.  I’ve wanted to write all day but haven’t because I am so tired.  Yesterday after attending a morning work commitment I cleaned, scrubbed, organized and then threw a little tantrum because while I was cleaning, scrubbing, and organizing, Casey was playing destruction.  He wreaked havoc on the bedroom while I was dusting the living room.  He tore apart the couch cushions in the living room while I was doing dishes.  There was no way I could win.  You can hardly tell I even tried. 


Today I slept in ‘til 9.  It’s my prerogative you know.  After all, it’s Mother’s Day.  And the only real measurable downside of a two-mommy household is having to share the holiday.  I flat out refuse.  So Kim selflessly accepted Father’s Day.  On my holiday of leisure I sat down to blog 3 different times but I couldn’t focus, the eyeballs kept closing, and for some reason I was in a generally disagreeable mood that I didn’t really want to share.  The third time – around 3:30 this afternoon – I decided I should give my muse a little break and close my eyes for just a tiny minute. 


The tiny minutes started stacking up on each other when I was finally awakened by Riley informing me that he and Mommy Kim were preparing me a gourmet dinner for Mother’s Day.


He even wrote out a menu:


Pigs in a blanket

Macaroni and cheese




And not just any beer, but Lindemanns Framboise. 


Happy Mother’s Day.  It was for me.


PS – I’m taking suggestions of what fun thing I can do for Kim on Father’s Day. 



One Response to “A Day of Rest”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Buy her a pair of pajamas…duh!

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