Blog Reactions


Mom:  “Write more about the boys and less about all that other stuff.”


Sis:  “Stop writing about the boys and write more about the other stuff.”


Dad:  “Who knew you could be funny when you wanted to?”


Sis: “It’s not the highlight of my day or anything, but I do look every day.  I check my e-mail.  I read your blog.  I read the local paper.  Then I get to work.  It beats you calling me every day to harass me for not reading it.”


Riley: “You made a bad choice.  You have to stop putting pictures of me in my underwear on your website.  It’s inappwopwiate”


Grandma:  “It’s not that you say what you think that’s the problem.  It’s WHAT YOU THINK that has me worried.”


3 Responses to “Blog Reactions”

  1. Kelly B Says:

    Is your family unaware of you lack of filter? I thought that it was a known fact all over the land????

  2. Valentino Says:

    Valentino- “Never stop writing your blog and maybe write something about your strapping young brown boy one day” : ) love you

  3. Carrie Says:

    As a family member, I must reiterate what grandma said, “It’s not the lack of filter; it’s the fact you’re thinking it in the first place!”

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