The score was Tree = 4, Humans = 0


Riley’s last day of school was yesterday and in celebration a friend bought him a paper airplane.  And not just any airplane but an actual battery-operated high-flying fancy airplane that costs actual money.  He went to the park to fly the sucker and promptly got it stuck in a tree.  A big ass tree.  He came home sad and shared the news that he had lost his airplane forever.


Later, while we were getting ready for our evening walk, Riley asked if we could walk by the park to check on his airplane.  We obliged.  The entire walk to the park he talked about how he thinks the wind had blown hard enough to dislodge his airplane and he was excited to get it back.  But to his disappointment the plane was still high up in the tree.  He then tried to convince me to climb the tree to retrieve it.  But I refused.  It was a BIG ASS tree.  There were a couple of teenagers playing soccer nearby and Riley went right up to them and declared, “That’s my airplane up in that tree.  Do you think you can get it down?”  They agreed to give it a try and started throwing their soccer ball up to get the airplane down.  Eventually the ball also got stuck up in that branch right next to the plane.  So the boys, Roger and Jorge decide Roger should climb the tree to retrieve the ball and the airplane.  Riley pleads for me to bring some more balls for the boys to use.  I hurry home and bring back a branch cutter and more balls.  By this time one of the boys had climbed the tree as high as he could and was shaking the branches to no avail.  There was absolutely no way to get the branch cutter up to the boy in the tree.  The other boy is chucking our balls up in the tree.  And, you guessed it, HE GOT A THIRD BALL STUCK IN THE TREE. 


After many tosses of balls high into the branches the airplane falls out of the tree.  Riley promptly thanks the boys and begins walking off absolutely unconcerned with the fact that the boys’ ball and one of our own is still in the tree.  I tell Riley he is expected to help until the boys either get tired and give up or get the balls.  Riley becomes the ball retriever and the throwing continues.  EVENTUALLY they get both balls out of the tree.  Riley pays the boys $5 for their work.  (This melts my heart of course because he uses his own money.)  


But wait, there’s still a teenager up in the tree.  And I’m freaking out that he’s going to fall out and break every limb on his body.  I want to call the fire department but he keeps asking me to just leave him alone and he will get down. 


The sun was going down so we decide to walk over to the play structure and play for awhile instead of finishing our walk.  20 minutes later we walk back past the Big Ass tree and Roger is barely getting down.  He grabs his ball and they boys start to head home.  We didn’t get our walk.  They didn’t get their soccer fun.  But Riley got his airplane. 


2 Responses to “The score was Tree = 4, Humans = 0”

  1. Carrie Says:

    We had a similar experience with a fox-tail, two soccer balls, and five girls under the age of 12….Chelle, however, did NOT get her fox-tail.

  2. Valentino Says:

    Wow my boy is a hustler…..what an O-G lol….

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