Everything he learned in kindergarten in 44 seconds

He would be very proud if you’d notice the bow at the end.
I ended up filming this 4 different times and this is the best. The first time I had the camera on portrait. Watching the video made me feel like I should have had a V-8. The second time Casey jumped in to help out. The third time the phone rang. This take was by no means the best he could do, but my patience was wearing thin. After all, it was way past bedtime when I got the brilliant idea to to film his oral report.


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6 Responses to “Everything he learned in kindergarten in 44 seconds”

  1. Valentino Says:

    Ahhhh I love this video but I am even more stoked you You-Tubed it….very proud and um I thought I was the brown kid in the family but it looks like Riley has much to teach me…love you : )

  2. Chicory Says:

    YAY!!! whoo hoo and well done!

  3. patrickryan Says:

    AH Jealous!!! Riley your amazing I wish I could speak spanish as well as you do! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night @ Mamma’s Bday

  4. J Says:

    So impressive! He is destin to do great things with the power of love, those exotic words flowing and of corse his amazing curls!

  5. Carrie Says:

    Perfecto!!! (and the eye rolls are priceless)

  6. Judith Says:

    muy bien riley, estoy muy orgullosa de ti.

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