What must you think of my parents?


If gender-bending were the root of gayness, I’d be straight.  If athletic prowess does it, then I’m just about as straight as they come.  And if people are gay as some sort of political statement, then all I can say is that is a lot of Vajayjay to prove a point commitment oh, and I’d be straight.  


If gayness is the product of bad parenting, I guess my parents should just feel lucky their terrible parenting produced a 75% success rate.

Think about the innuendo here. 

If it is true that bad parents make their kids gay and

It is true that Ruth is gay

Then is must be true that Ruth has bad parents.


And while it’s unconscionable to try to turn a kid gay, there is clearly nothing wrong with trying to make a person straight. I know, I’ve experienced it firsthand. The argument that heterosexuality is immutable but homosexuality is not simply does not hold up. 


But that’s not the point is it?  The point is that my son is a sissy.  And sissies aren’t valued.  And sissies are gay.  And sissies need to get their asses kicked so they can grow up and BE MEN.  Thankfully my boys have a wide-range of male role models in their life teaching them that there are all kinds of ways to be a man.


If putting on nail polish seals my son’s sexual fate, so be it.    


PS. I have deleted some comments and I will continue to delete comments that Kim asks me to delete.  It’s part of our agreement for this blog.  If she finds it hurtful, it disappears, just like that.  Abra Cadabra.


 PPS. I also feel compelled to clear up that the comments some of you found offensive are not from some anonymous stalker.  He doesn’t write comments to ruin your or my day. He is actually my uncle. And he’s a decent guy.  He doesn’t write in ALL CAPS to SCREAM AT ME.  I really don’t know why he does that, except that he may not be all that comfortable with the keyboard.  No, he’s not a very good speller.  But that isn’t a sign of weakened intelligence.  I really think if he were in school now-a-days he’d have a dyslexia diagnosis, but folks didn’t know too much about that when he was in school.  And despite him being a good guy, he seems to think that Riley is being turned gay because of his Mammas.  His comment was posted on the dual immersion video.  I am still not sure how learning Spanish turns a kid gay.  But then again, I don’t quite have the nail polish connection either.  I was feeling a bit of writer’s block before….but thankfully we cleared that up.  






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5 Responses to “What must you think of my parents?”

  1. DOUG Says:

    you did see it was the nail polish not the spanish i could not get past. you told me years a go about the cap lock win i was first learning to e-mail from now on if i got some thing LOUD to say i will call and keep your friends out of it

    amor Doug

  2. danielle Says:

    My 7yo has gone through spells where he’s deeply saddened that he doesn’t have a uterus (he was expecting to be able to grow and nurse a baby), he consistently adores the color pink and is currently growing his hair out so he can have ponytails like his sister. I don’t want him to struggle in society, but I don’t want him to be ashamed of who he is. Yes, he has two mothers and few male role models, but he’s taught me that his feelings about his body and his preferences are purely, deeply intrinsic – we have not pushed him towards gender bending, in fact I’ve probably pushed a bit against his wave. I like to think regardless of his ultimate sexuality/gender identity (which can be fluid anyway) he will be well balanced. I think about gay bashing and think about those folks spewing hate – how unbalanced must their own sexuality be to feel so threatened that they would lash out in violence against someone based on their sexuality (or perceived sexuality – I know someone who was assaulted because he was thought to be gay, he is not). The clothes don’t make the man, so to speak, and I love what you say about how it’s permissive in our culture to try to ‘make’ people straight, but to try to ‘make’ a child gay is perceived as ridiculous, or better yet horrifying. Thanks for your post.

  3. Chicory Says:

    I’m very sorry if I inflamed or offended anyone, including your uncle Doug. I love you and your family, and particularly your son and all his quirks, and I don’t want to sit and let people insult you in my hearing. But I should know that family is tricky and not do things to make it harder.

  4. SimpleExistence Says:

    This is why my family isn’t privy to my blog. 🙂

  5. Eric Says:

    I’m a bit late to this conversation; I figured out that Doug was your uncle, and I figured that you invited him to read and comment on your blog, so I actually didn’t find what he said offensive.

    But then again, I just got accused, by an ex employee (a lesbian) of being biased against “femmy” males. She said that to my supervisor during her exit interview, which means that I’m officially being “investigated”. It came as a bit of a surprise to some of my self-identified “flamer” student employees, of course. I’ve never told any of them that they shouldn’t wear nail polish – just that they should wear a color that goes better with their skin tone…. 😉

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