Casey Speaks


I know you should never compare your children.  Believe me as a middle child salutatorian (oldest sis was valedictorian) I know all this, but lets just say that a person were to have two children and…


When they were babies we used baby signs with both of them and by the time Riley was a year old he knew about 5 signs.  Shortly after that his signing vocabulary exploded.  His verbal speaking wasn’t far behind and by the time he was two he may have had some gross motor skill deficiencies, but the kid could talk!  Casey, on the other hand, thought it was hilarious to watch us sign, refuse to sign back, and use grunts and squeals to get what he wanted.  Or to use his older brother which works wonders as well.  When Casey was about a year and a half old he signed his first and only sign – he put his fingertips together to sign MORE – and then he expected everybody around him to clap.  This wasn’t just on his first occurrence.  Nope, the kid expected applause every time he signed it.   If we didn’t clap he would physically grab our hands and put them together.  After all, his effort clearly deserved a standing ovation.  He’s Advanced.  He’s Amazing.  But he isn’t as loquacious as his mammas.   In just the last few weeks his grunts and squeals have made more sense.  We’ve been able to translate more. 


“Bopple jew” is consistently apple juice.  “Waa waa” is water.  “chaysey” is how he says his own name.   A “Choo Choo” is a train.  A “yee haw” is a horse.  “Wammie” is his little stuffed lamb.  “Ibit” is a frog.  “Choc Chit” is chocolate.  A “Toot Nak” is a fruit snack.  “Dora La La” is his Dora music he likes to fall asleep to.  Sometimes even knowing a bit of his language can be confusing. “Eggo” is Diego, a potato or playdoh.  Just take a guess.  A “Chra Chu” is any kind of truck imaginable – a  trash truck, a dump truck, a big truck or a semi.  A “copta” is a helicopter or a tractor.  Don’t bother trying to distinguish.  They’re homonyms to this kid.


Casey’s gross and fine motor skills and critical thinking skills are top notch.  The kid can put together puzzles and loves to put train tracks together into advanced (for a two-year old) geometric designs.  He keeps tearing the pages of his pop up books and then cries.  He isn’t trying to be destructive.  He just wants to figure out how they work.  He’s a brilliant child.  But still he’s only two which is why sometimes Riley, Kim or I try to pull the wool over his eyes.  During the week Casey is used to taking his nap at the same time that all the other two year olds in the classroom go down to nap.  This kind of positive peer pressure has its impact and he’s developed his routine.  On the weekend we try to get Riley to lie down for a few minutes while Casey falls asleep.  Then Riley sneaks out of the room and Casey takes his nap.  This we call a “wink wink.”   It got its name because I would make a big production about it being nap time and I’d make sure that Riley saw me wink.  We usually pull this one off.


Tonight after dinner Riley wanted a second glass of lemonade but he knew that we wouldn’t want Casey to have another.  So he asked, “Mamma, can I have another glass of wink wink water?”  Casey indicated that he wanted the same by shoving his sippie cup into my hand.  “Oh, you want water too, Casey?” I asked.  “No Mom.” He replied while pointing to the lemonade “Chasey want wink wink waa waa.” 

I think the winking is a thing of the past.  Naptime may never be the same. 




2 Responses to “Casey Speaks”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Both boys are perfect…it must be their valedictorian auntie’s genes.

  2. Matt Says:

    My mom says I called christmas trees “doo-free daas” until I turned 12.

    Wait, 12? that can’t be right. I’m gonna call her.

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