nothing more than a “poor me” post


Today was the first day in 7 weeks of my new job that I woke up DREADING the thought of going to work.  Let me add that this had nothing to do with work and everything to do with the contents of this post.  I got a mere 2 hours of good sleep last night.


Not for lack of trying thank you.


I actually put face to pillow in Riley’s bed about 10 PM.  They were both having a hard time shutting it off so I crawled in next to Riley, turned on their model moon and the model solar system that we got on clearance at Costco because it included Pluto which really has no place on a revolving sun-lit solar system anymore.  We turned on Dora La La La and within minutes Riley was asleep.   Casey didn’t fare so well.  He crawled out of his bed and onto the mat on the floor.  He got up and retrieved all of his stuffed friends, his special pillow, and his blanket from his bed and placed them on the mat.  He then decided the mat wasn’t so comfy and he returned all the items and himself to the bed.  He repeated this process. I went over to comfort him.  I rubbed his back.  I soothingly told him a story.  I was so effective I put myself to sleep with my calm demeanor.   About 11 Kim came in the room to find me crashed and Casey moving his gear from mat to bed.  She told me she’d take over and to crawl into bed. 


Only, as is often the case these days, once I was awake, I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I brushed my teeth, washed my face, medicated my cold sore that is still pissing me off on day 9 of it’s intrusion into my life and then laid in bed for 20 minutes before Kim finally arrived to announce that victory had finally been hers.  Casey slept.  She returned to her office to continue writing for a publication deadline 24 hours and counting.  It was an hour before Country Legends 107.5 finally lulled me to sleep with its relaxing twang.    


That was 12:30 AM.  I was awakened at 1:30AM by coughing in the babe’s room.  I was awakened at 2 by Kim coming to bed.  And again at 2:15 when Kim decided to bring Casey into bed with us because his coughing was getting worse – sounding croup-like –and since she was awake worrying about his breathing anyway, he might as well be between us where we can both really worry.  Somehow I managed to keep drifting back to sleep between the croupy coughs and gasps for air.  At 2:30 I was jolted awake to Casey puking all over me, all over Kim, all over the bed, all over Lambie. 


Kim, who got the majority of the splash, crawled into the shower with Casey and I gathered up pukey laundry and started a load of wash.  I sprayed Lysol.  I obsessed over the Clorox wipes.  I got the bed re-linened and then I got Casey out of the shower.  We all laid back down to sleep.


The coughing worsened.  Kim, who hadn’t even enjoyed a couple of hours of shitty sleep, was exhausted.  I got up with Casey, got him some juice and sat down to watch a Dora.  I took his temperature and freaked out at the 103.0 reading.  So I woke up Kim to ask her what to do.  She replied that I should give him Motrin.  Now, 6 hours later it seems so logical, but at the time the thought of medication didn’t even cross my mind.  Wet towels.  Motrin.  His fever lowered but didn’t break;   He finally fell back to sleep at 5 AM. 


At this point I decided to change the laundry.  Let me preface this by saying that our washing machine has been acting up for almost a week now.  Its balance has been funky and it’s been wailing a bit during the spin cycle.  We figured the whining was just a way to get attention, you know, like every other member of the household… But no, apparently the washing machine was also sick….and she chose this exact moment to completely SHIT THE BED. 



The cycle had indicated that it was complete, but the laundry inside was still chunky with regurgitated raisins and cheese crackers.  The laundry was soaking wet.  The spin cycle was obviously ineffective.  I turned the machine on for an extra rinse.  The basket turned in slow motion, moaning as she moved.  The water, the soap, the puke…it wasn’t going anywhere.  So I reached in and removed the items one at a time.  I wrung the water out as much as possible and laid the items over the shower and the sink, and a metal shelf.  It was the most disgusting thing I had ever done, and you have to remember that I have given birth twice.  Earlier, while we all swam in puke, my mind was on the babe and the vomit was less repulsive.  But 3 hours later, while every other member of the household slept, I washed vomit out of sopping wet sheets all by myself and I cried. 


And then I went to sleep. 



9 Responses to “nothing more than a “poor me” post”

  1. kim Says:

    and this, my dear sweet momma ruth, is just one of the many many reasons that i love you more than anything forever… i’m going across the street right now to the mormon neighbor’s house to use their washing machine and finish up those sheets!

  2. Chicory Says:

    what a hellish night for the all of you, and yet I was laughing even as I read it. Even though I know exactly how you felt.

  3. starrhillgirl Says:

    Wow, I’m sorry. Aye – sounds like hell. I hope the boy is better and that tonight is full of sleep and no puke.
    And, uh, yeah – it was also pretty funny. Sorry?

  4. politicalmaven Says:

    Sorry about your night…sounds exhausting. I the little one starts to feel better soon! Although I was also laughing….

  5. VALENTINO Says:

    Sounds intense…so much responsiblity when comes to the kids…I commend you and Kimmie both for being such amazing parents…It is moments like this that show just how extra special your relationship continues to be…I hope Tito gets better soon…I am so happy to hear that that you are continuing to connect with the Mormon neighbors…hmmmm maybe they need to start reading your blog…lol…just a thought…

  6. J Says:

    Well well well, vomit is one thing…even if I ever become a parent…that I simply can not deal with. Give me blood, or any number of other bodily fluids and I’m fine but its a NO GO with the vomit! You are a fantastic parent! You and Kimmie are the dynamic duo from which I hope to learn a few things!

  7. jen Says:

    I have to say, I’ve been through fertility treatments, TWO csections (one of which’s incision reopened enough to store loose change and a cell phone comfortably in), parenthood of two girls who do not like to bathe but who do enjoy picking their noses, and ownership of two barfy cats, and that is GROSS. I’m sorry you had to do that.

    I’ve started to tell my friends without kids how disgusting parenting can be, and how diapers tend to be the LEAST gross thing you deal with, but they just won’t believe it.

  8. Carrie Says:

    Poor Casey…glad he’s feeling better.

  9. Matt Says:

    Where can I sign up for this parenthood thing?

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