It’s Public Record Now*

 *Updated for typo control

I am being a bit of a drama queen and I KNOW that I am being a drama queen but I simply cannot STOP myself from being a drama queen.  Why all the drama you ask?


Because I got a letter in the mail yesterday from a doctor’s office I once visited explaining that they had experienced a theft of backup billing records.  The letter read, “While we have no reason to believe your information will be accessed or misused, we are writing to inform you of the incident and the proactive steps we’re taking to help protect your personal information.  A box containing backup billing records” for the clinic “was stolen while in the possession of a courier working for an independent storage company.  Your name and Social Security number were included on the backup tapes!”


A thief now has all of my personal information including my Social Security number.  But I am not supposed to worry because the clinic that the information was stolen from has no reason to believe my information will be accessed or misused.


Isn’t the fact that it was stolen a reason to believe that the information will be misused?  How often does one steal another’s identity and not put it to good use?  It’s like having my blouse stolen from a laundromat and the thief leaving a letter advising me not to worry because the blouse isn’t her size.  No, it’s bigger than a blouse, its like having my car stolen and receiving a note from the dealership, “Don’t worry, we have no reason to believe that the thief will actually drive your car.”  Of course the thief will drive the car, why do you think my car was stolen?


See, I told you, DRAMA QUEEN!


Still, as a consolation prize, the clinic is paying for me to have a period of credit monitoring along with e-mail alerts of any key changes in my credit and a free credit report right now to see how good my credit was before it was stolen. 


It’s as if the letter from the dealership continues, “If we do find out that the thief has been driving your car, we’ll reimburse you for every mile driven.”  I don’t want a reimbursement, I want my car back.  I want my privacy back.  I want my identity back. 


You were warned that I was being a drama queen and you chose to continue reading so I have no guilt that you have to read my whining.  By the way, my credit score is/was 790.  It is/was considered Excellent.  Better than 98% of Americans.  Well, it WAS.  It’s public record now.



5 Responses to “It’s Public Record Now*”

  1. Chicory Says:

    hey, I got that letter too!

  2. Carrie Says:

    typo…please check your post and correct the error so I can continue reading it. (Yes, I’m a little Monk-ish)

  3. mel Says:

    given that my line of work is helping to stop these f*ckers from actually being able to use your identity once they’ve stolen it…one note of advice. Call up the bureaus and have a security alert placed on your credit file. That way, if they try to open up any new accounts, they won’t be able to. It’s a pretty simple process and usually if you call one of the bureaus they’ll actually send a notice to the other 2 so you don’t have to call all 3. Or, you can even do it on-line.

  4. Keri Says:

    OMG! You are such a drama queen!
    Okay, I had to say it since you knew I would… 🙂
    Now quit looking at your blog and keep checking your credit reports incase some guy in Germany is buying something (on you) from eBay.

  5. Eric Says:

    Uff da. I didn’t even read this post before accepting your ‘tag’ in your last post. I’ve spent the last hour coming up with answers that are only half as clever as yours, but I’ve scheduled it for publication this evening so you can learn more about Other Half. The point is, I posted my credit score, too. I win! I win! :-p In reality, we tie, b/c my brother, who work with these sorts of things, says that any credit score above 730 or so is overkill and makes little difference.

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