He’s two. He’s really two.

I’ve never been one to call the joyful coming into one’s voice as being the “terrible twos” but I really do not know what else to call Casey’s behavior tonight. Okay, truthfully, it was not all night, but certainly was AT LEAST 20 minutes of stubbornness and screaming that I had not yet seen in this child.

It was as if The Incredible Hulk and Matt Biondi had a baby. (aah. I miss Lauren.)

Why all the ruckus you might ask? Because we requested, as we always do, that as part of his bedtime routine, he actually brush his teeth.

He wailed. He screamed. Mama K. rushed over to assist. She held him. I held the toothbrush. We explained that this was not a choice, that we expected him to brush his teeth. He clamped his mouth shut. I tried to pry it open (sounds so bad) with the toothbrush. He realized he was not going to win so he lost all composure and in an angry gasp for air, he decided to cry. Only he was so wound up a this point that his breath intake was not followed by breath expulsion. As his mouth gaped wide open, I started brushing those beautiful pearly whites. I expected the audible scream to come. Sometimes it is a bit delayed when he gets this angry. But no. It never came. His lips turned blue. His face got all scrunched up and his entire face started turning blue.

I chose this particular moment to completely freak out. I could not understand why a child would HOLD HIS OWN BREATH until he was blue. I decided that he must have swallowed his tongue and was unable to breathe. Or that he was somehow choking on his own phlegm or on the toothpaste and was actually airway impaired.

No. That was not the case. This was simply his very first temper tantrum.

But seriously, he flailed those Hulk arms and held that Biondi breath for at least a minute.

Ten minutes later he was begging to cuddle up on the couch with me and even though I felt so in need of a reassuring hug from the child, I instead tucked him back into bed.

Did I happen to mention that we had a friend over to witness the entire episode? I don’t think he wants kids. In fact, I’m sure of it.


5 Responses to “He’s two. He’s really two.”

  1. kim Says:

    meanwhile… not more than 10 feet away from the wailing and screaming big brother slept soundly through the whole thing. perhaps this peaceful lump of exhausted sweaty boy brought the little one the reassurance he needed – i woke up to find them cuddled together in big brother’s bed this morning. and both looked so sweet and calm…

  2. Carrie Says:

    Just remember….he will never be two again! Enjoy it, even the drama.

  3. Valentino Says:

    Hmmm…this is interesting…Not to boast about it or anything but when I am over Casey has never had such an episode when we brush teeth together? Maybe you need you latin cabana boy to come over and smooth things out…just kidding…glad you made it through the episode….love you

  4. tonya cinnamon Says:

    omg lol.. this sounded like when my youngest was that age.. but he would get so mad hed beat his head agaist the wall or floor..
    thankfully that stage is gone.. hugs to you both 🙂

  5. Eric Says:

    I’ve forwarded this to Other Half; I fear that he romanticizes having a child and can’t see the whole reality of parenting another human being. Thus, I’m fairly certain that if we do actually get to that point, I’m going end up being the parent who best deals with these sorts of opportunities.

    I’m pretty good with children (as you may recall 😉 but y’all are definitely teaching me!

    Hugs – E

    PS – I so lusted after Matt Biondi.

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