Loose Ends

Let me just say how nice it is to get back to REAL internet land as opposed to dial up which makes me want to pull my hair out.

This weekend my sister said she had no idea how I go through life without smoking.  With my 2 very active children to keep up with, she can’t imagine how good my coping skills must be in order to do so without the benefit of nicotine.   (I do love the caffeine though.)  My children would talk, bounce, do their usual negotiations, and she would step out to the porch and smoke.  I realized this weekend that my vice of choice is Scrabble.  Nerdy I know.  But it helps me collect myself as I work through how to make a word out of my P – Q – L – R -E -I – J.  But dial-up makes me want to take up smoking.  I feel the need for some calm and collected computer time – but the letters take 10 minutes (no joke) to display.  It’s a little bit on the stressful side.  Add in blogging on dial up.  It’s not pretty.

Anyway, this weekend was full of firsts.  Casey and Riley rode their first horse.  (Just a few weeks ago Casey thought a horse were a giraffe – now he’s riding one.  I’d have photos, but I went home for the weekend unprepared.)  Riley jumped off the high dive for the first time.  He wanted to.  I was terrified.  I didn’t think he was old enough.  He showed me.  Riley also showed his first embarrassment at hugging and kissing me.  I was getting ready to go back to the city and crawled up on the bed next to him and his cousin.  (Actually my cousin’s kid so what does that make them, second cousins?)  He cuddled in and started being his affectionate self when R.  (2nd cousin) made the 8-year-old boy EUUWWWWWWWWW yell followed by GROSS.  Riley stiffened up, pulled away, and said, “Yah, mom.  I’m done hugging you.”  It broke my heart at the realization that the hugs and kisses are going to steadily get more scarce as my boys grow up but it also made me happy to see Riley negotiate the peer pressure in an effective but not hurtful way.  I mean, he could have also professed the grossness, instead he just let me know he was done hugging me. 

Finally, for those who are following my blog like a soap opera, the weekend was also filled with Casey’s very first successful pee in the potty.  His potty chair sang him a royal tune.  I gave him an M&M and that was that.  I tried all weekend but he’s either the most stubborn child in existence or he just needs some more time.  I was pushing the potty training because I had a 4-day weekend with him with lots of adults around (like Nana) and cousins to entertain Riley.  See, daycare just isn’t interested in helping with potty training.  They say they take a “supportive role” but really I think that just means that when he’s potty trained, they support it.  We weren’t successful this weekend.  And no, I didn’t leave him an extra week with Grandma to potty train.  I’d like to say it was because I couldn’t endure the thought of him getting spanked, but in reality, Nana rescinded the offer late Saturday afternoon.  After 3 full days with both boys, she needed a break.  The offer is still open for the week with Nana to potty train, it just can’t be a week when Riley is there too. 

This post is random I know but I hope its a good random.  In any case, its random like my mind but eventually I did tie up the loose ends.


2 Responses to “Loose Ends”

  1. DOUG Says:

    your own words SOAP OPERA ya

    uncle doug

  2. Kelly B Says:

    i love you…

    soap opera or not…

    and you have one kid that will always hug you without embarassment… well… with minimal embarassment… depends on…

    ok. darn. but i would love a ruth hug.

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