The Big Gun Bed

My boys like nothing more than to play on Nana and Papa’s bed.  That might seem odd at first, but once you realize that the bed is like a giant junglegym it becomes understandable.  My parents sleep on a bed on stilts.  On steroids.  On a 5-foot tall bed.

This is not a bed you want to roll out of at night.  This is also not a bed you want to mess with.  In my youth it contained more guns than most people own.

My parents are not young’uns.  They (apparently) aren’t too old to climb in and out of the bed, but my dad complains about his knees and my mom complains about the pain caused by bunions in her feet.  Climbing in and out of Mount Everest on a daily basis cannot be helping.

Why?  Why?  WHY?

Because we never throw anything away.

This bed was made for my sister and myself in 1976.  My uncle made it out of hand carved red cedar.  At the time it was a bunk bed.  The part Casey is climbing on was the bottom half – slash – gun cabinet and left side of the photo was the top bunk.  My uncle made the bed in lieu of rent one month while staying with us.  He built the bed in the room.  A couple of years later my parents decided to move out of the mobile home trailer where we lived.  The bed could not be removed.  But a wall of the mobile home could be.  Still, it was too heavy to relocate so my dad sawed it in half.  No more bunk bed.  Welcome set of twin beds.

Fast forward a few years and my homework mysteriously disappeared from underneath my mattress.  Further probing uncovered that the bed (what was once the bottom bunk) holds in its interior a hidden compartment of guns.   I confront my parents that I think its weird to make a child (a middle child at that) sleep on guns without her knowledge and consent.  They think I’m weird – making a big deal out of nothing.  They own guns so I think they’re weird – can’t they see what a big deal it is?   I continued to sleep on guns for the better part of the next decade. 

Fast forward a few more years and one by one the children grew up and left the nest.  My parents had no use for 2 twin beds so they fanagled a make-shift king-sized bed only because of the design of the original bed and my mom’s insistence that they have a box spring – the bed is now on stilts.  Unfortunately when they re-fanagled the bed to be a king size bed, the gun cabinent became inaccessible so I cannot any longer truthfully say that my parents “sleep on guns.” 

This bed is made to bring joy to everyone.   For the toddlers.  For the sleepers.  For the gun lovers.  For the bloggers.  For everyone.


2 Responses to “The Big Gun Bed”

  1. Kelly B Says:

    funny, my bed is often the most sought after place in the house too…


  2. starrhillgirl Says:

    That bed does bring me great joy. I’m sorry your middle-child self had to sleep on guns, though.

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