I’m writing to tell you why I’m not writing

I’m off to a conference for several days.  When I return I’ll be home for a day before traveling to see friends and family.  It will likely be 2 weeks before I post much – unless I blow off a session at the conference to blog in the “business center” at the hotel. 

I’ll take notes of funny stories to tell when I return.


7 Responses to “I’m writing to tell you why I’m not writing”

  1. Kelly B Says:

    i will miss you!

  2. dad Says:

    I know three people who will anxiously wait the next posting.

  3. Uncle Doug Says:

    me for one i will just have to watch my #2 soap one life to live

    uncle Doug

  4. amy Says:

    have fun!!

  5. Valentino Says:

    Oh my this is the third time I have come to your myspace to access Qwierd Utah…I am fully aware that you are away at a conference but feel compelled to come check just in case…something is surely missing …come home gosh : )

  6. Keri Says:

    I’m really excited for your next post too. Don’t let us down now… It’s going to be a doozy, right?

    Get some much needed rest and much needed play! No fighting – just truckloads of love!

  7. Mikey Says:

    I’m with Valentino and I got to see you! Love you tons!

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