The Rest of The Story


We were awakened at 4 AM by Casey crying.  He wanted – indeed needed – his diaper and sheets changed.  So while we went about that, he indicated he needed to vomit.  The kid actually made it to the garbage can.  Kim and I finished cleaning, took out the trash, and started a load of wash, dosed the babe with fever reducer and bathed him.  Then Kim went back to bed.  I stayed up with a whiney mopey Casey until about 9 AM when he decided he wanted to nap.  Kim took Riley to school.  I ended up going into work late and we tried to settle into a routine with a sick toddler.  Kim took Casey’s temperature shortly after noon and he was normal so she didn’t re-dose with the ibuprofen.  Then about 2 PM Kim called me frantic that Casey was shaking uncontrollably and violently and was turning blue around the eyes and mouth.  I called his pediatrician but she was out of the office.  Her coworker couldn’t see him until 4:30 PM so we decided to take him to the emergency room. 

The poor kid had spiked such a high fever that it caused a seizure.  He was also so dehydrated from the few days of diarrhea that he had to get an IV of fluids.  Or as Riley explained later to my mom, “Casey had to get a long shot with a needle to drink apple juice in his arm.”  Anyway we were there for 7 hours, had to find a friend to pick up Riley from school – thanks Pieces of Gray – and take him all night.  We got Riley to sleep about 10:30 (the next day was his first day of 1st grade.)  We ate dinner at 10 PM and I went right to bed while Kim stayed up with Casey until 1 AM.  I got up with Casey at 6 AM and let Kim sleep another hour.  Riley may not have looked like a super model, but he actually made it to school on time.    

Now I am patiently – or not so patiently – awaiting our friends to fly in from Vermont to spend the long weekend with us.  And not so patiently waiting for Barack Obama to give his long awaited speech tonight.  Will he or will he not address issues pertinent to me?   


4 Responses to “The Rest of The Story”

  1. Kelly B Says:

    poor little man… is he doing better now???

    how was the first day of first grade?

    malachi starts the 3rd. (not so secretly i cant wait)

    i had a seizure once… in a bar…

  2. Carrie Says:

    Poor Casey…as for Obama, I didn’t hear much that inspired me 😦

  3. Chicory Says:

    you guys have had such a rough little while. Tonight I’ll drink to an end to the misery there.

  4. Will Says:

    A lying six year-old, vomiting two year-old, a presidential canditate that isn’t seeming to measure up, what’s next? Hopefully my return to SLC can be marked on the positive side of things. I hope you get some sleep one of these nights. Love you!

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