Leading up to the Big Event

First of all, one of my commenters wrote last week that she didn’t hear much from O*Bama that inspired her.  Well then Carrie – you are completely incapable of being inspired. P*alin gets a chance tonight.  But I have to admit, she’s gonna have to be pretty good for me to get past her “I have a pregnant daughter but I oppose sex ed” mentality.   Though I hear her water broke in Texas and she delivered her youngest in Alaska.  I myself can relate to that long of a labor.  We differ though in that she went back to work 3 days after she had her baby.  I got out of bed 3 days after I had my baby – but only for a short time.  Big difference.    It reminds me of a family in my hometown.  She had her children in the bathtub and more than once got up to make the rest of them dinner just after.  That’s the life when you have 12 kids.  Me, I’m not that tough. 


As I wrote earlier, we had friends fly out last Thursday and stay thru the Labor Day Holiday.  We’ll call them the Gay Dean and the Future College President.  We had a blast.  We went to the Zoo.  We went up to Oktoberfest at Snowbird.  Some of us rode the mechanical bull,  the alpine slide, the tram, jumped on the trampoline and climbed the climbing wall.  Okay, let’s be honest, only Riley did all that.  But I did my share.  And Riley didn’t really ever seem to peter out.  He’s like the Energize bunny on caffeine, on cake, ginseng, on sugar, on speed, on crack, on roids.  Okay I have no idea what I’m talking about, but the kid has energy. 


The next day we got a babysitter so the adults could go out to dinner.  We braved a severe thunderstorm warning that seemed more like it was almost a tornado but dammit we had a babysitter so we were going out!  Dinner was great but quick because there weren’t the typical dozens of folks waiting for a seat.  Others it seems were not as brave as we.  We had the sitter all night so we decided to grab an after-dinner drink at our favorite bar.  Only it was closed for floor remodeling.  So we decided on after-dinner coffee but the storm had caused a power outage that extended from our favorite coffee shop to our second favorite coffee shop to a third coffee shop so we headed back over to our part of town and found another coffee shop which is now officially our favorite coffee shop.  Coffee drinks were swell and we dilly dallied every last second we had with the sitter before making it back home.  Turns out our little guy had diarrhea (or as he puts it “water poop”) 8 times between our departure and our return.  The poor thing.  (And I mean the babysitter!)  We love the kid and we want to scream after 8 diapers in an evening.  Kim left her a little diaper gratuity on top of her wage that hopefully made up for the bad parent points we racked up by going out to dinner when he was still sick.  It was day 12 of water poop.  Maybe it was just wishful thinking but we thought he was on solid ground and that things had to firm up soon. 


On Labor day we went to an IMAX film, ate soup for lunch, got acquainted with the thousands of other people who chose free babysitting at IKEA in the afternoon, and then made our way back home for a leisure evening of relaxing.


Until the mouse zipped quickly across the floor.


I have children.  They have daycare.  Daycare gets angry if I pick them up late.  So, the Big Event will have to be a post all its own.   But I will say that the Future College President has been known to have to replace sheet rock – lots of sheet rock -and baseboards, and cupboards when she sees a mouse.  Did I mention that a mouse quipped quickly across the floor? 


9 Responses to “Leading up to the Big Event”

  1. Sedalb Says:

    Don’t usually comment about politics. (Or ever for that matter) Personally I can’t stand listening to democrats blame all the world problems on republicans, and vice versa. I, however, really enjoyed listening to Joe Lieberman talk last night. It was interesting to listen to the “Almost” democratic vice president talk at the republican convention.

  2. Sedalb Says:

    As for the mouse, you can borrow Oreo and/or Powder for a week if you want…

  3. qweirdutah Says:

    Hey Sedalb –
    If I take Oreo or Powder for a week, can you take Kim and Riley for a week? I can only take so much sneezing, watery eyes, and complaining about being allergic…

  4. Will Says:

    Too bad I gave away my snake. Your mouse problem could be taken care of instantly.

  5. Kelly B Says:

    i have nothign more to say than i miss all of you… need to see you soon.

  6. Kelly B Says:

    and by nothign, i of course mean nothing. 🙂

  7. Carrie Says:

    I can offer Keeker (or I’ll take Kim and Riley for a week). I’m up for anything. Hell, I’ll even take a little boy with water poop.

  8. tgd Says:

    happy to say thing 1 and thing 2 were excited to see us when we got home, and our house was mouse free. too bad we aren’t closer. thanks for a terrific visit! many hugs…

  9. Future College President Says:

    I do not think you all understand how quick this mouse really was. The cats would not even see the beast ….. and IT JUMPS!!! Or maybe that was Ruth jumping, I don’t remember.

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of this story. Hope water poop is better today. We miss you already.

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