A Lammie Retrospective

Lammie Then:

She was so “big” then.  And clean.

What happened?  Casey happened.

And lots of restless nights.

The Lamber Alert was called off shortly before midnight when the Lammie was recovered and brought back to her rightful owner.  As I was trying to fall asleep I had a thought that Casey probably stuffed Lammie in the heater vent in his room.  We knew he could take the vent covering off because a couple of months ago he did just that – and then proceeded to pee in the venting system.  (That took a lot of cleaning.)  I remembered him playing with Lammie near the vent in the early morning.  I got up and checked the vent.  I was actually disappointed that it wasn’t there.  I thought I had solved it.  But while I was down there on all fours – at eye level of a 2 year old – I noticed there on his bookshelf a lamb stuffed amongst the books.  It was very much like playing a “where’s Waldo game.”  Can you spot the lamb?

Sure enough.  She was found.

As alive as she ever was.  Looking as good as she ever did.

Tomorrow, we are buying a lost key locator and then we’re going to surgically implant the device so she’ll beep if when she’s misplaced.  Seriously, that little chunk of fake fur has power over us all.



6 Responses to “A Lammie Retrospective”

  1. tgd Says:

    LOVE the Lammie retrospective….and SO GLAD she’s found.

  2. Carrie Says:

    I raised my girls to love all stuffed animals equally. (NOT! Been there, done that) Glad you found Lammie.

  3. DOUG Says:

    ask your grandmother about her sick baby win his tiger was washed down the flood canal i know how he felt 55 years old STILL MISS MY TIGER

  4. Kelly B Says:

    YAY for the found Lammie!!!!

  5. amy Says:

    hysterical! we don’t allow ryan to take her tig-tig out of bed because we’ve gone crazy too many times trying to locate him.

  6. jen Says:

    lost key locator? BRILLIANT. you totally win the innovative parent award!

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