Outwitted Again

I was, once again, outwitted by that damn mouse.  I woke up yesterday morning and found that my mousetrap had every little glob of peanut butter licked off of it – licked clean – yet the trap was not disengaged.  The mouse made away with a tasty midnight treat. 

I changed mouse traps thinking that the one was somehow faulty. 

I woke up today to the same result.

All I want to do is kill the mouse in my house. 

What am I doing wrong?  Am I dealing with the smartest mouse in the world or am I really just that stupid?  Look, I’m going to rat poison if I can’t get this thing out.

Any advice?


9 Responses to “Outwitted Again”

  1. Carrie Says:


  2. tonya cinnamon Says:

    put the peanut butter on burn it with a lighter to the mousetrap if that doesnt work then tie small piece of string around it.. that will get it.. we have the samne problem..

  3. Kelly B Says:

    put the boys on night watch with bb guns and shots of mt dew…

    you may end up with a 2 kids with a total of 2 eyes, and a lot of holes in your walls, but i bet that they would get the mouse….

  4. tgd Says:

    try the humane trap. works every time. drive to other side of town for drop off/emptying. bring trap home, repeat. =)

  5. Kristen Tommer Says:

    There are these great traps that are black circular ones (I can’t remember who makes them). You put the peanut butter in, set the trap, then when that damned mouse runs in it swings closed and whoooeee … you’ve caught yourself a mouse!

  6. Future College President Says:

    Try the humane trap. After catching the beast, beat the trap repeatedly against a tree and throw it into the Great Salt Lake!!

    BTW — I hate mice!!

  7. Doug Says:

    moon the mouse spare c & me

  8. Juile Says:

    I grew up in a Chinese American household, so it’s possible these things aren’t just lying around your house. But whatever, it worked like a charm in a mousetrap: Take a little dried shimp (as in, one small shrimp, not a little bit of it) and tie it to the trap. Then put peanut butter on top of that. We’d walk away and it’d snap behind us. Of course, that could have been the overwhelming number of mice we had in our farm home. Also, my Chinese grandmother could and would catch them with her bare hands – when the mice were a little cold and sluggish – and then flush them live down the toilet.

    I don’t know why I’m writing this – it’s my first comment, and I’m giving myself the willies.

  9. Kelly B Says:



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