Mouse-capades. A timeline.

Mouse catching is a bonding experience for the family.

My son actually asked me if the fact that the mouse loves peanut butter makes me like it any less.  I explained that the mouse eats any old peanut butter, but I – with my refined palate – will only eat all natural peanut butter with no ingredients added – the kind you have to stir.  He replied that he used to like any old peanut butter, but now he has to eat the natural kind – so as not to be like the mouse.

Yah.  My fanny really is hanging out here.  But its better than this one where Riley is scratching his fanny.

This video really isn’t interesting.  But you do get to hear me shriek.  And it is proof that I caught the sucker.   (We actually caught 2 this weekend.)  The trap was empty today.  I am living in a world where I have caught them all.

And please don’t ask where we let the mouse go.  What kind of person would take it to their kid’s school?


9 Responses to “Mouse-capades. A timeline.”

  1. Keri Says:

    I have no sound to hear your shriek but I think I shrieked loud enough for both of us.
    Look at you…saving the mouse that has caused you so much grief! What an example you are! (or were you just trying to teach them a lesson?)

  2. Carrie Says:

    Too much fanny, not enough funny.

  3. tgd Says:

    hhmmm…me thinks that is a humane trap from whence the mouse sprang!


  4. DeeDee Says:

    Peanut Butter…a nice, friendly cage…and baseball…what could be more American?

    You did know they have a homing device…

    Peanut, Peanut Butter….next…jelly!

  5. DOUG Says:

    George Washington Carver would be proud

  6. Kelly B Says:


  7. Your unemployed sister Says:

    Helloooo Dumb-ass. Do you remember the man from Duchesne that died of Hantavirus. The one you wrote about earlier. Well his neighbor probably caught that mouse in one of your “Friendly Humane” mouse traps and let the thing go. The infected mouse then went to his neighbor’s house infected him with Hantavirus and killed him. Even if you catch a mouse in one of those stupid traps kill the damn thing, don’t let it go at your child’s school. I hope you don’t have any guilt of an elementary student getting Hantavirus because of you. Love You, but some things need to die.

  8. Future College President Says:

    your mistake here was that you let the kids know about it — there is no way to kill the beast in front of the kids! Too bad I was not there. I would have gone to the school after ypou left and taken care of the problem. Haz-mad suit anyone?

  9. Will Says:

    Micky has left the building… thank god!

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