Picture This

I’ve realized my weakness.  I guess I should say, I’ve realized another of my weaknesses.  To my list that includes hyper focusing on the Rubik’s cube, gambling if given the opportunity, and overpriced coffee, I get to add pictures.


That’s right.  Pictures.


Some people have a hard time resisting purchasing clothes, or hair products, or a particular make-up brand.  Some people have more shoes than they’ll ever wear.  Others, like Kimmie, like to collect boxers (remember the pajama need?)  I myself can’t resist a good photo.


Apparently a couple of weeks ago a company came to my son’s daycare and took vintage photographs.  I don’t even recall if they sent home a note about it.  If they did, I tossed it aside.  In theory, I don’t particularly love pictures.  I only lose all reason when they are placed in front of me like this week when the proofs returned.  It’s a racket. They take the most adorable pictures of my most adorable kid and then say “for the bargain price of $99.99, we’ll give you a 4X6 of all 8 poses and a CD with the copyright.”


Me:  “Kim, we HAVE to have them.  He’s so cute.”


Kim:  “You should have thought of that before you HAD to quit your job.”


Me: “Please.  It’s the only moment in his entire life that he’ll look just like that.”


Kim:  “Yes.  I believe that is true.  The kid is wearing knickers with suspenders and a newsboy cap.”


Me:  “But…” 


Kim:  “This is not a moment to treasure.  Besides, look how gendered the photos are.  They took the girls in dresses with little umbrellas and the boys with baseball bats and footballs.  We’re not getting them.”


Me:   “Can I at least pick out a pose for our FREE 8X10?”


Kim:  “Hurry.”


37 minutes later, I had settled on the picture of Casey reading when I finally made it out to the car.  By the way, at least 25 of those minutes was waiting in line for my chance to select my free 8X10 so a mere 12 minutes was spent picking it.


Kim:  “Exactly how free was that?  You’ve now wasted 37 minutes of my time and Casey’s time – not to mention your own time.  That means this picture cost almost 2 hours of our time.  How do you call that free?”


Ruth:  “It’s not like any of us work anyway.  So in reality it IS free!”


Yah.  I can’t believe I touted that proudly.  Umm.  Neither can Kim. 


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5 Responses to “Picture This”

  1. kim Says:

    but he was cute… i’ll give you that!

  2. tonya cinnamon Says:

    if the pic was so adorably snuggly gotta just see it cute…
    then yeah it was totaly wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worth it 😀
    grins.. those old fashioned ones are awesome i melt at them to 🙂

  3. Carrie Says:

    Scan it and post it for those of us that don’t get to see you and your family near enough!

  4. Jazz Says:

    In your defense, Kim should know that you talked me out of spending $120 when you helped me get pictures taken of “Hunter” at 6 months. We walked out of there having spent less than $20. I was aware of your weakness then, and it was really a proud moment. (Of course, we did make plans to take pictures in December and split the package. An expense I hadn’t anticipated, but they are just too cute to pass up… Okay, I’m weak too.)

  5. Kelly Says:

    🙂 i have no words… just a smile!

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