busy busy busy

I haven’t written.  I know.  But I’ve been a little busy over here.  There’s been corn mazes to go thru, ski resort trams to ride, fall to enjoy you know.  I took a few pics here and there to prove just how much fun I’ve had the last few days.

We like to say, “Nobody can Wii like we can Wii.”  Actually, our mail deliverer also likes to to watch us Wii thru the window.  Don’t be snide.  Everybody looks ridiculous when they hoola.

Enjoying the corn maze with cousins.  The maze also had a “cow train” and corn room to plan in.  (Another get rich quick scheme.  Make a corn maze.  Entry is $6 each.  The cow train is $1 per person.  The pumpkins range in price from $1 to $12.)  The following limerick was also composed in the maze.

I once got lost in the corn maze.

I wondered around in a corn haze.

I wanted out.

So I started to shout.

They found me but it took days.

The pirates and Spider Witch had a busy day with THOUSANDS of other haunts at Boo at the Zoo.  The lines were 20 minutes long for a piece of candy, but the good news is that they had a blast and didn’t end up with too much candy!

On Saturday evening we hosted a few friends to carve up the pumpkins we grew in our garden.  We had a blast.  We learned that green pumpkins are best because “they have less gross guts.”  Riley’s is on the left.(Mama Kim helped.)  Casey’s is on the right.  (Mama Kim helped.)  The pumpkins represent their personalities quite well.  Casey said, “I want mine to have ears.”  Riley said, “Make it EEE-EVIL.”  I think she did well with both. 

Hey, if you see yourself or your kid’s pic here and you don’t want it on the marvelous world wide web, just let me know.  I’ll take them down right away.  Oh, and Linda, I decided not to write about you today.  I’ll write on Wednesday – help you get thru Hump day.  Day 3.  So check back then.


4 Responses to “busy busy busy”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Damn cute pics. And I protest; there aren’t any pictures of my kids for me to insist you take down. I think you love Linda’s kids more.

  2. Kelly Says:

    my kid wants to be in pics with your kids…

  3. kim Says:

    one quick correction. our friend ann helped casey with his pumpkin – i might have been too caught up in the eee-vile one!

  4. Will Says:

    I’m sure the mail carrier gets especially astouded when he sees me hula-ing in my choners.

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