Freedom From Religion

I’ve gotten 6 text messages, 2 Facebook invites, and 9 e-mails about a protest in SLC tonight.  The protest will be at (or near – depending on what text, e-mail or invite is correct) the world headquarters of the LDS church and is aimed at protesting their involvement in the Proposition 8 initiative in California.  Kim and I have been talking about it all day, and we decided just now that we will attend.

The decision was a hard one.  The Mormon Church has asserted that homosexuality is not morally consistent with their beliefs.  But I cannot accept a church forcing their beliefs on other churches, on the State, and on me.  And Riley is feeling so high and low since Tuesday.  So wrapped up in the election in his 6 year old way.  And he is so psyched for Obama and yet so confused about why people would amend the constitution to take away rights.  (Me too kid.  Me too.)

So we’re going.  And we’re taking the kiddos.  But I need this to be respectful and peaceful.  I need this to be about a church using their definition of morality to restrict the rights of a class of people.  I need this to be about a tax-exempt institution taking advantage of their 501(c)3 status.  I need this to be about equality.  equal rights.  I need this to be about me being able to live my life free FROM religion just as I allow others to live their lives with their freedom of religion.   And I guess if this protest doesn’t do that, we’ll just leave.  And we’ll talk to the boys about that.


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3 Responses to “Freedom From Religion”

  1. Carrie Says:

    I guess “Have Fun” isn’t appropriate….Hope it’s what you want it to be.

  2. Chicory Says:

    I really, truly love you.

  3. Keri Says:

    So did you get what you needed from it last night? I didn’t see you but I thought it was beautiful and inspiring. It filled me up and I’m thinking more clearly than I have since early Tuesday night.
    I hope the boys loved it too.

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