Because Grandma doesn’t live here…


Riley has been working hard with his dance troupe since September.  He really loves it.  In some activities (like soccer for example) Riley BEGGED to be able to play.  We signed him up with the agreement that he had to complete the season which was only 6 weeks long.  By the 4th week we had remind him he made a commitment to finish out the season.  And finish the season he did.  He picked dandylions on the field.  He played “who can kick who harder in the shin guard” game on the field.  He even practiced cartwheels on the field.  But he didn’t do much soccer playing.  But this is different.  He can’t wait for practice.  He prepares the night before, to make sure that he has a bottle of water in case he gets thirsty, and he had Mamma Kim glue beer caps to the bottom of his boots so they really ping on the floor.  His mommies are excited that his excitement hasn’t faded yet. 

Saturday was his first performance.  At first he was a little bit nervous, but then the music started and he just had fun.  He’s the cutest little red-headed white-kid performin’ in the whole troupe.  He truly is.

The nerves calmed a little and he just shined.  Casey was at the sidelines cheering brother on the whole time.  It was amazing.   I particularly like his second bow followed by his shit-eating grin there at the end.  It was so much fun, he almost forgot to walk off the stage. 


6 Responses to “Because Grandma doesn’t live here…”

  1. ohchicken Says:

    i love how much he feels the music!! and that grin that grin!!!!

  2. Carrie Says:

    Too damn cute! OLE!

  3. TGD Says:

    TOO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing!!! Hugs to all…

  4. Kelly Says:

    🙂 YAY! He’s good!

  5. the other sister Says:

    Give Riley a baso for me and tell him muy muy bueno

  6. Keri Says:

    oooo – he’s SO cute! I love the second bow! Give him a big fat kiss from me!

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