He likes to move it

I chaperoned Riley’s class fieldtrip yesterday to the University of Utah.  At the university, the group split up into 4 groups and then spent about 30 minutes at each “station” meeting an international student at the university and learning about them and their country. 

At Riley’s first station the facilitator was a graduate student from India.  He introduced himself.  He had an accent but was easy to understand.  He roused the students with his introduction, telling them that he is studying robotics and if anyone had seen Transformers, he could make them.  The first graders oohed and aahed on cue.  This man was COOL.  Riley flung his hand in the air.  I was certain he had something irrelevant to say.  Something about Transformers.  I leaned into him and tried to hush him but he insisted he had an actual question to ask.

The student called on Riley and Riley asked his question.  “Sir.  Were you a voice on the film Madagascar?”

The teacher and adult chaperones laughed.  The students nodded.  To them he sounded similar.

The good natured young man laughed.  “No, but that would be cool if I was.  Which guy do you think I was?”

Riley replied, “Oh, the squirrel thingy.  You know, the one who moves it?”

Just when I think I’ve done such a good job preparing Ry for a multicultural society and the differences that exist in the world, Riley asks the first guy he meets with an Indian accent if he is a voice in Madagascar.



5 Responses to “He likes to move it”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Oh my, that was good. You have your hands full. i love reading your blogs. i check in weekly and they just make my day…. Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Keri Says:

    I just saw this over the weekend – LOVED it!
    I like to move it, move it.
    Ry likes to move it, move it.
    Ruth likes to move it, move it.

  3. the other Says:

    I like to move it move it, but sometimes my butt causes destruction.

  4. Carrie Says:

    Is that not the perfect song for Riley? He likes to move it, move it!

  5. Kelly Says:

    we were in the dr’s office the other night, and there were a butt ton of people in there… and this was what malachi was singing at the top of his lungs….

    move out here already, they could be twins.

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