a hundred, a birthday, a weekend away

This post is going to be all over the place.  Just a little warning here at the get-go.

First, this is my 100th post.  And I want to give myself all sorts of kudos for that.  I started the blog in April as an unemployed lesbian mom who hoped thousands of folks all over the land would read my blog – love it- devour it – and ultimately I’d make a fortune in blog advertising.  A day or so later, I realized that if it were that simple, everyone would have done it already, so I resolved myself to believing that my children were so cute that lots of people would want to read about them – even if it wasn’t going to be a money maker.  Then I started reading blogs and I realized that other people’s children weren’t that cute.  And to other people my children aren’t ALL THAT either.  Now there are a few blogs I follow about people I don’t know but the truth is that their blogs are REALLY GOOD.  Their writing is really good.  And none of them are making a boat-load in advertising either.  So, now I write when I can. I hope that I continue to create authentic conversations through blogs, and maybe even make a cyber friend or two.  It’s fun.  I love doing it.  I love that friends and family read it.  But more than anything.  I love that I have stuck with it.  

It was a busy National Day of Mourning.  We had to clear up some school misinformation that the boys were being fed.  You know, the typical first thanksgiving stuff.  We traveled to Colorado to spend the weekend with Kim’s family and then traveled home through Roosevelt to spend a day with mine.  Since it was Riley’s birthday this weekend, his Great-Grandma Alamosa made him a cake from scratch that he enjoyed with Kim’s family on Friday night.  We didn’t expect a big deal to be made, but Kim’s aunts and uncles each got him a gift and Kim’s mom took him to Target and let him pick “anything” he wanted.  He picked a playmobil set and has had a blast with it already.  Kim’s uncle Tom is a doctor who didn’t quite make it to a baby’s birth all suited up and sterile so he gave Riley an actual set of disposable doctor scrubs that he had been issued (but he didn’t have time to put on).  Riley thought that was pretty fun.  I hope to post a picture tomorrow or whenever I unpack.   Riley got to have lunch with Great Grandma Jo in Vernal and had a great time at the all-you-can-eat buffet.  And he ate his money’s worth alright.  Then Riley got sung to by my family Saturday over dinner and enjoyed the attention of yet another birthday acknowledgment. 

Riley’s actual birthday was yesterday.  He spent much of the day in the car driving home from Roosevelt.  We got home from Roosevelt about 3 PM and while Riley was unpacking his bag he found his present we left on his bed.  He opened up his space kit and exclaimed, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”   We called a few friends and asked if they would join us at Red Robin for an early dinner with Ry.  Ry loves Red Robin and soaked up the extra attention of it being his birthday.  He talked the server’s ear off.  He got a free icecream cake for his birthday.  Each of our friends bought him a little gift.  Our friend Vee brought him a bag of quarters to spend on games there.  And Riley learned his first lesson about gambling.  You know those crazy claw games where you THINK you can win a stuffed animal but the claws are always really loose and the animals are always stuck way down in there next to other stuffed animals and you move the claw precisely into place but you still don’t get any reward.  This lesson cost Riley most of his bag of quarters.  Only the claw at Red Robin was broken so we ended up going to the nearby Empire of Evil (also known as W*l Mart) to learn this lesson.  I say that this was his first gambling lesson, because he is clearly MY CHILD and this will likely have to be taught and retaught throughout his life.   He kept saying, “I know I can get it this time.”  And he fed the piggy quarters and the piggy swallowed them whole.

Finally, we stopped at the crazy house – one of Riley’s favorite places and enjoyed the sparkle for a few minutes.  We came home to baths and to bed.  Riley hopes 7 feels this great every day.  I myself have my hopes set on 35.


5 Responses to “a hundred, a birthday, a weekend away”

  1. Carrie Says:

    And why did we sing Happy birthday to Riley?? There were plenty of other people we could have sang (sung? singed?) to. I’m not sure the fact that it was his birthday was enough justification.

  2. Doug Says:

    Casey ?

  3. Kelly Says:

    yay for being 7…!

  4. qweirdutah Says:

    Doug – It’s the kid’s birthday – can’t Riley have the limelight?

  5. Sedalb Says:

    You can actually win with the claw. I was an expert at it when I was 7. I bet I put approx $100 of quarters in one growing up. I know for a fact I got at least 30 stuffed animals (worth probably a buck apiece). Dang, I guess I have a gambling problem too.

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