Cold. Employed. But Really Freakin Cold.

I told Kim this morning that I wish I had electric blanket-type clothing that I could wear and I could plug myself in anywhere I go.

I’m cold. 

And I forgot how my body and soul aches when it is this cold. 

I take a bath to warm up.  I feel the bitter nastiness slowly steamed from my system.  But eventually I have to get out.  And then I am wet and cold.

In better news, I accepted employment at a local college.  It is exactly the kind of job I was hoping for.  It is strictly 8 – 5 with lots of perks including a cafeteria plan and retirement.  I especially like the free haircuts, massages and $1 manicures.  Apparently when you cash in on the free haircut over at the cosmetology school it is wise to ask the stylist what semester they are in.  If they say 1st semester – you ask for a trim.  Only if they say 2nd semester do you ask for anything else.

The salary isn’t great, and its not my “dream job” (whatever that means) but I know I’ll be doing something I’m good at. And I will get to be back working daily with students.  Everyone I have met is extremely nice.  I really like the woman who will be my supervisor.  And folks seem to really care about students and equity.   So even though it isn’t my “dream job,” according to my family, “A dream job in this economy is HAVING a job.”   So I guess it is my dream job after all.


10 Responses to “Cold. Employed. But Really Freakin Cold.”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Yea! (Sorry you’re cold)…it’s warmer here, hint, hint.


    i’m not far from moab & its a cold s.o.b. here



  4. Chicory Says:

    do you have fleece footie pajamas? I get fully dressed, including socks, and put them on and walk around the house. It’s like wearing a blanket. Not as good as sitting on the heater, but good enough to keep me moving…

  5. TGD Says:

    sorry you’re cold, but congrats on the job!!

  6. the other Says:

    I’m cold too, but I have a wood burner. Ha Ha

    Ruth has a job- yea yea
    She is not worthless- no way
    From your job you’ll get- pay
    and you will get warm- in May

    (sorry I’m not the greatest poet)
    Congrats to Ruth!!!

  7. J-Kay Says:

    I know what you mean! Did you see that Denver actually broke all it’s past records as far as low temps go? Not that that’s something to brag about but at least A-town was warmer then somewhere. 😉 Hope all is well and warmin’ up at the H-P’s home

  8. Mikey Says:

    Whoop Whoop! More young minds get to experience the amazing-ness that is Ruth!! Yea baby! I’m kind of jealous of them right now actually.

    Sorry you’re cold, but we are here too since your cold air goes East and comes at us from the West. I find that my dog is like a big electric blanket.

    Love you!

  9. Lesa Says:

    Yeah a job! Now could you find me one too?

  10. Will Says:

    I’m sure sharing your favorite spot by the heater with a two year-old helps those cold feelings go away at least temporarily. I’m happy you found a job and it is one you like. Good luck getting through the rest of this winter, it’ll be cold for awhile yet.

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