It is Common Courtesy Folks

If you see this woman wandering around local stores doing her holiday shopping, do her a favor


TELL HER THAT HER ASS IS HANGING OUT.  Its common courtesy folks.

There is no excuse for not intervening.  Sure, there are oddballs out there with wild fashion sense who might actually wear their pants with a rip in them, but those people who do that wear boxers underneath NOT orange and purple panties.

I understand that the wearer of said pants has to be oblivious to the world around her and well oblivious to the things right – in – front – of her (or in this case, things directly BEHIND her) but its the Christmas season.  The stores were packed.  I was focused more on buying the loot and getting out of the stores than I was the little tug I felt in my pants when I bent down over the Pippi Longstocking DVD and fished it off the bottom shelf.  But then I went to 3 different stores and while I noticed glances and even a couple of snickers, that’s standard fare when I am shopping in the suburbs.

In retrospect, I probably should have given that little tug a little more attention, but HINDSIGHT is 20/20 now isn’t it?


11 Responses to “It is Common Courtesy Folks”

  1. TGD Says:

    no wonder you feel so cold…

    thanks for CRACKING ME UP!!

  2. Carrie Says:

    A post such as this requires deliberate thought before commenting….I’ll get BACK to you.

  3. Brenda Says:

    Wondering if your bandana matched your undies??

  4. Keri Says:

    I can’t even imagine…
    I think I’m blushing for you…
    Lauren & I are just dumbfounded…
    And what’s with those panties? Because you know this is now a possibility, you should totally stick to pink satin.

  5. Jazz Says:

    I think they’re cool panties—very fun stripes!

  6. Shortee Says:

    Wow it’s really cold today. Where is that breeze coming from?

  7. political maven Says:

    oh man….that is tragically hysterical….I totally would have told you!

  8. Jamie Says:

    oh my heck, i cant believe no one told you… i mean what kind of people! i would of told you! ha ha… hope you and yours have a very merry christmas…

  9. Lesa Says:

    Thanks for sharing, you totally made my day! I am so glad those things happen to other people as well. I would have told you.
    Mom says “hi”.
    Happy New Year!

  10. Will Says:

    At least you had underwear on. When my pants split you and Kim got a shot of white, blinding ass. It wasn’t nearly as colorful.

  11. J-Kay Says:

    After Will’s comment I’m wondering what the heck is causing all the blow-outs in the SLC!

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