Its an age-old problem

You spend $30 at Toys R Us for an Airport complete with car tracks, elevator, and parking lot, and the kid wants to play in the box.


We spent the day unpacking from our impromptu trip to Roosevelt.  Casey was MORTIFIED that we left the box in Roosevelt. 

“How could you?  I loved that box!”  Luckily another one arrived in the mail not long after.  It was filled with goodies from our Best Girls in Vermont – real syrup, muffin mixes etc. for the mommies, a magic kit, art supplies and a tractor and animals for the boys.  I thought the best part was the toy trash truck – complete with compactor sounds.  Now every day can be trash day and the boys won’t even have to line up in the window for this kind of fun.  Even with the trash truck, Casey just threw it all out and climbed in the box. 

Riley tried his magic all night but he couldn’t get the kid out of the box.


5 Responses to “Its an age-old problem”

  1. Kim Says:

    you forgot to mention that once i (the ocd mommy) finally got all of the stickers on the airport – in just the right place of course – he came home from school and said, “why that on it? why you put stickers here? they no go here.”

  2. Carrie Says:

    At least now you know what to get him for x-mas next year…a BOX!

  3. the other Says:

    Just buy a new refrigerator next year and you wont have to buy x-mas for two years.

  4. Kelly Says:

    malachi was obsessed with finding the wii, and with where to put the bows….

  5. Valentino Says:

    I had convinced myself that me in a box is impossible…however I wonder if one of these comes in my size??? ; )

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