The things we never let him do

Several years ago we made a rule that our family wouldn’t have toy guns, toy knives, toy light sabers, and the like in our house. It was a naïve attempt to keep violence out of play in the lives of our children. At the time we were unaware that children can make a weapon out of anything. I’ve seen my children make a gun out of their hand, out of legos, out of a lotion bottle, out of a toothbrush, out of a magnetic letter “L”. I have even seen one of them hold up his penis in a threatening – this will shoot you if you disobey me – fashion. But the boys’ grandparents own gun – actual guns – and we wanted them to always know that guns are a tool not a toy – so our very ineffective policy has continued. Until this week.

This week I bought my son a toy gun.

It’s worse than that. I bought it at Wal M*rt.

Riley is in a ballet folklorico group and he has a performance tomorrow. In fact, he has a solo part in his performance. He’s sort of the main character in this dance that tells the story. I’m getting my notes from a 7 year old, but from what I can deduct, it seems that he is the raton vaquero. I’m certainly not a Spanish expert but it seems that my son landed the part of a cowboy mouse. This mouse is different from the other mice and for that reason he seems to be unfairly jailed. He needs black jeans – everybody else has to wear slacks. He gets a hat. And he gets a gun. I’m not sure what an innocent cowboy mouse needs with a gun – perhaps he’s a hunter. Riley isn’t sure himself. He just knows that he needs a Gun. An honest to goodness TOY GUN.

What’s a mom to do?

Apparently a mom is supposed to run all over the valley looking for a particular toy gun. An orange and silver pistol cap gun. I figured this would be an easy task. I see children with toy guns all the time. Target didn’t deliver. Neither did Toys R Us. Finally, he had to go to the dreaded Wally World. I suppose if a person has to buy something as atrocious as a toy gun, one might as well buy it at world-domination Mart. Somehow it is fitting. Of course, Wal M*rt had the exact toy we needed.

After we made the purchase and were heading home Riley asked what would happen to the toy after he danced with it on Saturday. We told him that we’d donate it to the dance troupe so if they ever did that dance again, they’d have props.

Riley’s response, “Ahh man. You never let me shoot things for fun.”


5 Responses to “The things we never let him do”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Take him to grandpa’s house…he can shoot all the things for fun that he wants.

  2. Doug Says:

    like your dad i have a safe full of guns ! but i dont like toy gun it is important for kid to learn guns are not toys thay are tools

  3. Lesa Says:

    We don’t have toy guns at our house either. Guns are not toys, but that doesn’t stop my sweet little people from “shooting” at each other. We have even talked about how we never point guns at people, didn’t help. Sigh.

  4. Kelly Says:

    if i had a penis… i too would point and shoot if i were disobeyed….

    im sure you are not surprised that the penis part is what i picked out of that whole blog.

    i miss you 4…

    (april 17th -22nd you can find us in colorado springs… wanna make a date?)

  5. the other Says:

    I bet the dang gun was made in China too.

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