The humor…The honesty

Riley is going through a riddle and joke phase.  He thinks it is hilarious to tell (and re-tell) the same jokes and riddles over and over.

Will Will come to dinner?  Will will come to dinner?   (He could say that over and over for 20 minutes.)

What’s red, white, and blue with red spots?  

(Uncle Sam with measles)

Why is six afraid of seven?

(because seven ate nine)

Can you poke your head through this hole?  (he holds up his fingers in a very small hole.)  


   I can.  (He uses his other hand to poke himself in the head right smack through the tiny hole.)

Are you smart? (yes.)  Then spell it.  (S. m.a.r.t.)  Nope – (i.t.)

Look down your shirt and spell attic.  

(A titty I see.)

The other day we picked up Casey from school.  Casey went on and on about his teacher – Ms. Nana.  She’s an older overweight grandma-type.  He told us how Ms. Nana left work late and she had to run to the bus stop in order to catch the bus.

Riley’s response, “I don’t think she ran very fast.”

We laughed.  (First mistake).  Riley wasn’t trying to be mean.  He was just being funny.  His humor though is hit and miss.  

Riley then spent about 10 minutes asking all the reasons that what he said was funny.  Then he made several attempts to apply his new knowledge. 

Why is Mommy tired all the time?  

(Because she’s lazy.)

No kid.  That’s not funny.

Why not.

Because I said so.


3 Responses to “The humor…The honesty”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Hey , guess what?
    That’s what, chicken butt!

    I DARE you to tell that one to Riley.

  2. Kaye Says:

    Actually, it was funny in the re-telling..

  3. Kelly Says:


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