Twilight sucks but I keep on reading

I am sick, disgusted, and ashamed of myself so it makes it hard to admit (much less to THE Internet) that I have been sucked into the Twilight series craze that I have seen snowballing for the last few years. It all happened a couple of weeks ago when my 13 year old niece left the Twilight book at my house. This young lady had already read the book a few times, and had seen the movie countless times. She left it and one night I picked it up. It was a quick read. Misogynistic. Lusty. A guilty pleasure I suppose. I then felt compelled to read the whole series and the further I get the more I want to scream. To put them down. To throw them out. But they are truly like a bad drug and I am so far in, my only option is to ride out the high and finish the damn books.

My niece returned to my house this weekend to reclaim her book. I made the mistake of asking her what she thought of the books and she responded with something like, “I know that I will wait for MY Edward.”

How many gorgeous, vegetarian, overprotective vampires are there out there? I’m not sure she’s going to find her Edward. Is it really Edward we should be chasing here? This is the real problem I see. Jacob Black is safe. He’s nice. He’s even lovely. He loves her. She loves him. She even refers to him as her soul mate. But no. She has to throw that all away for a scary, strong, exciting, “I might crush you by accident” vampire. There’s just too many parallels to domestic violence for me to be comfortable telling my niece that she should definitely wait for someone she lusts after, keeps secrets from, and who can break her in half at the first sign of losing his temper.

I know. I know. I’m overanalyzing. But that’s who I am. My nieces (yes plural) are reading trash and getting more and more tied to the idea of some dangerous and exciting man who will swoop in and protect them for the rest of their lives. AND THEY LIKE THAT IMAGE!

It just bugs me. Yet here I am picking up the 4th and final (thankfully!) book. Sorry. I’ll blog soon. I have 700 disgusting pages to read.



9 Responses to “Twilight sucks but I keep on reading”

  1. Carrie Says:

    So let me make sure i understand this correctly: you haven’t written for weeks and it’s because of Twilight??? You are sick, disgusting, shameful person.

    (I once called in sick to work to finish a book; my kids have had to take care of themselves because I HAVE to read one more page, chapter, series; I’ve been known to read while doing other things, “why no officer that isn’t a book” but you, man, you take the cake.)

  2. Siera Says:

    I too, thought Eddy boy was turning out to be controlling at the begining of Eclipse and was a less than thrilled by his attitude. That beinf said, I find the Twilight series to be good, but not because of the love triangle but with the writing it self. I love Stephanie Meyers style and how I really got into the head of the charactor and I think the books are well written. I can’t wait to read some of her other works.

    One a side note some of my friends are so obsessed they will be making a road trip to Forks WA. They’re going from VAncouver, British Columbia. So it’s not that far. I am even closer living across the Straight from Port Angeles which is a shit hole. (only been there enroute to seattle nad Portland since the ferry goes there.

  3. kim Says:

    your family will be glad to have you return to our reality! glad the print is big though so they don’t make you want to throw up (from the stigmatism) when you read – and yes, that is me looking on the bright side here!

  4. Jazz Says:

    I thought to myself while reading your post that you must be on book 3. Keep reading. Book 4 explains a lot of things that made me want to strangle Bella.
    By the by, my godparents live in Forks, Washington, and there isn’t much there. It really does rain a lot…

  5. Doug Hackford Says:

    i got hooked on a book once thank god the year i was on chapter 7 the movie came out travis had to shoot him at the end

  6. The other sister Says:

    I want my daughter to wait for an overprotective vampire. There aren’t any in Roosevelt so she’ll just have to wait for college.

  7. Kelly Says:

    i loved twilight… i lusted after edward much like justin lusts after brian kinney in QAF… i turned twilight into my own little gay erotic thriller…

  8. J-kay Says:

    That happened to me and Harry Potter, we’ve forged a lifelong commitment to eachother…lol…I refuse to let it happen with Twilight. In fact, I refuse to see the movie or even read the back cover!

  9. Mikey Says:

    I proudly own the fact that I am a Twilighter!! Although my deep reflection has not gotten me to Edward being abusive toward Bella…I had more issues with Jacob’s character because he shows so many signs of selfishness. the fact that Bella kept him around when he repeatedly ignored her wishes was most frustrating for me. One day we should talk though!

    MISS YOU!!

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