As beautiful as destruction can be

This past weekend we decided to take Saturday afternoon and have a family date.  Casey has wanted to go to the zoo for the last few weeks so we gathered the boys up with the intention of going.  We made it all the way to the glass recycling drop-off to deposit some beer bottles before making it to the zoo.

The engine was shut off for merely 10 seconds when I realized I was, in fact, NOT, going to make it to the zoo.  It was hot.  And I mean burn the rage right into my gut hot.  I mean, sweating from pores I didn’t know I had hot.  I mean, “stop touching me, you’re sticky hot.”  The bitch comes out when I’m hot and I just wasn’t going to make it through the stank that is July at the zoo, especially in Phoenix weather, no matter how much I love the kid.   Casey cried and I did feel bad.  What kind of a parent loads the kids up and says, “hey kiddies, you get to go to the zoo today” parades them right past the zoo on the way to the recycling spot, and then announces, “umm.  Never mind.  No zoo for you.”?

I knew I owed the boys something special, and nothing says special like an air-conditioned IKEA with free babysitting, and meatballs.  I knew Casey would forgive me.  And promptly he did.

Since we were in the neck of the woods anyway, and since we’d never been before, we decided that we’d swing by Kennecott Utah Copper Mine after Ikea.  By then it was almost 7 PM and I figured it’d be a bit cooler.  I had no idea that the mine would be such a hit for the kiddies.  I guess nothing says redemption like land destruction so large you can see it from the moon.  It truly was awesome in a sad, this used to be a beautiful canyon and now it’s a ¾ of a mile deep pit sort of way.

The boys ran around, begged for quarters to peek in binoculars to watch the active mining that continued well after we left.  And Casey was in his own version of heaven.  There were trucks everywhere – tractors, dump trucks – huge trucks that could trounce our house in a second.  And the boys held still and watched the wonder of the activity below.  It was like watching Casey playing trucks in a sandbox, but the trucks held people and continued an assembly line of efficiency below.  The largest man-made excavation on earth became Casey’s playground and the wonder of his face continued well after Riley lost interest and bounced into the gift shop and the visitor’s center.

We really truly do have a boy.  A boy boy.  A trucks and big holes and sandbox boy.  And with that, I give you a few pics from the day.








4 Responses to “As beautiful as destruction can be”

  1. kim Says:

    It was a very cool day after it was all said and done. But, aren’t you forgetting something? You’re recounting of the day’s events seems to be a bit lacking in the “Kim was right” category???

  2. Carrie Says:

    “As beautiful as destruction can be”…is that the same as “As good as a Hackford can sing”?
    Boys are beautiful and it looks like you had a great time!

  3. kim Says:

    or as good as a hackford can make a plan and stick with it!

  4. J-kay Says:

    Sounds fun to me! Casey is my kind of boy!

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