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We’ve been so busy the last 6 years

August 1, 2009

On some level, I must love the chaos.

This week has been particularly busy with Kim doing her pre-proposal defense.

Afterward her advisor wrote me to say that Kim did a good job.  I think we’re finally getting through.  For the first time, I actually BELIEVE that Kim will be finished in May.

And now that finishing in MAY feels like an actual possibility, I’ve decided to apply for law school.


I have to get my ass in gear and take the LSAT in September and apply to the places that Kim applies for a job and then just wait and see.

I posted a facebook update saying that I had an epiphany that I was going to apply for law school this fall and I received quite a few comments on my status.  Most were positive I’ll admit.  But then the negative ones filled my inbox.

One friend told me to have a beer with her husband (who does not like being a lawyer) before deciding on anything.  Another wrote the following: “if you like your soul, you will reconsider.”  Another wrote about her law school regret – the the tune of $100,000 of debt.

I know it seems quick.  But really it isn’t.  When I was 22 years old I knew I wanted to go to law school and the only thing stopping me was the cost.  Looking back, I think that is a miserable reason not to pursue my dreams.

Don’t worry.  I have a lunch lined up with a friend.  Advising lined up at the school.  And Kimmie’s giving a couple of days to study for the LSAT.

My dad thinks we should just give ourselves a break.  But I’ve had a break for the last decade, and I’m itching to get back to school.

More soon.  But not too soon, I’m going to be out of town for the next week.