We’ve been so busy the last 6 years

On some level, I must love the chaos.

This week has been particularly busy with Kim doing her pre-proposal defense.

Afterward her advisor wrote me to say that Kim did a good job.  I think we’re finally getting through.  For the first time, I actually BELIEVE that Kim will be finished in May.

And now that finishing in MAY feels like an actual possibility, I’ve decided to apply for law school.


I have to get my ass in gear and take the LSAT in September and apply to the places that Kim applies for a job and then just wait and see.

I posted a facebook update saying that I had an epiphany that I was going to apply for law school this fall and I received quite a few comments on my status.  Most were positive I’ll admit.  But then the negative ones filled my inbox.

One friend told me to have a beer with her husband (who does not like being a lawyer) before deciding on anything.  Another wrote the following: “if you like your soul, you will reconsider.”  Another wrote about her law school regret – the the tune of $100,000 of debt.

I know it seems quick.  But really it isn’t.  When I was 22 years old I knew I wanted to go to law school and the only thing stopping me was the cost.  Looking back, I think that is a miserable reason not to pursue my dreams.

Don’t worry.  I have a lunch lined up with a friend.  Advising lined up at the school.  And Kimmie’s giving a couple of days to study for the LSAT.

My dad thinks we should just give ourselves a break.  But I’ve had a break for the last decade, and I’m itching to get back to school.

More soon.  But not too soon, I’m going to be out of town for the next week.


6 Responses to “We’ve been so busy the last 6 years”

  1. Doug Hackford Says:

    if law school is any thing like jr. high it is one tough S.O.B. thank god i got through it after 2 or 3 trys good luck all jocking aside lawyers proffits off outhers miss fortions

  2. Carrie Says:

    Damn crazy lawyers!

  3. Lesa Says:

    Good for you. I hope you don’t die. And if you are here, and didn’t call, I am so offended. 😉

  4. Will Says:


    I think you’re amazing, but I don’t think law school is. Two questions, of the positive responses, how many were lawyers or family members of lawyers? And of the negative responses, how many were lawyers or their family members?

  5. J-kay Says:

    So, yeaterday at Barns and Nobel while picking up a book I couldn’t return to the valley without I saw an LSAT practice test booklet. Immediatly I thought of you and your LSAT talk before I left your house. I opened it. Read, contimplated and answered the first two questions. Sighed and checked my answers. 1 correct 1 incorrect. That tells me I have about a 50/50 chance of passing the LSAT and getting into Law School. Those aren’t good odds in my opinion so I’ll leave the logic questions and such to you! xoxo

  6. Doug Hackford Says:

    6 years & 16 days

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