What? an elephant in the room…

I’m not sure what a blogger is supposed to do when its been longer than a month since last writing.  Is the blogger supposed to acknowledge that she’s slacked for a month?  Is she supposed to justify it with excuses like, “My dog ate my blog post?”  Or is she supposed to simply get back to writing without any consideration to the fact.  My blog numbers have tanked, and rightfully so, but I’m also sort of impressed that there are still those of you out there that keep checking.  Or maybe its just my sister and uncle who repeatedly check in just to make sure I have any self esteem left at all.

Truth is, I’ve been in a LSAT class that been kicking my ass until 9:15 every Tuesday and Thursday night.

I’ve put on a 4-day orientation at work that not only went well, but even I will admit I deserve a pat on the back.

My parents also spent a week with us as my dad endured medical procedures and tests at the local research hospital.   Medically speaking, when it rains it seems to pour.  Casey’s foot turned red and black and what we had been treating as a fungus was actually a staph infection.  Thankfully the dermatologist was amazing and the infection is almost totally gone.  Last night at the playground, Casey went up to a perfect stranger and said, “Look my fungus foot is better.”  I looked at him like I had no idea what he said.  So did the woman.  It seemed better than translating.

Casey starts pre-school on Monday.  Riley has already been student of the month.  And Kimmie defends her proposal next week.  I read an article today where a woman compared raising children to being pecked to death by chickens.  I have no idea where I’m going with that except to say that I love my little chickens.  And I long for their pecks on my cheek.

Look, I’m gonna keep writing okay.  I have LSAT personal statement options to run by you, parenthood venting I need an outlet for, my last year in Utah to chronicle.  So no more e-mails asking me if I quit blogging.  I didn’t.  I just took August off.  Its a vacation month.


4 Responses to “What? an elephant in the room…”

  1. Doug Says:

    good luck

  2. Mossie Says:

    It’s nice to see you here! Best wishes for the LSAT, etc.

    And yes, August is a vacation month. I hope you enjoyed it.

  3. tgd Says:

    good for you! and glad you’re back!!! (proud of you for studying, and for kimmie defending her proposal!!! good luck to you both, and hugs to all…especially the little chickens…)

  4. Carrie Says:

    Okay, it’s up to me to point out that taking august off is fine, it is now the middle of September….just saying.

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