What happens when…

My sister hosted Thanksgiving this year.  She’s a little bit on the OCD spectrum.  We got a Thanksgiving packet a few weeks prior that included a meal that we were responsible for and what part of Thanksgiving dinner we would cook.  Then the week prior, we received an “invitation” in the mail inviting us to the after dinner family talent show.  The only requirement is – if you “ate” you must “participate.”  Beings I planned on having a lot of turkey I figured I’d have to come up with a talent.

Short of standing up in front of family and solving the rubik’s cube in 3 minutes or less, I have no talent.  In fact, I’m anti-talented.  When I start singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument or the like, people leave.  They get up and leave the room.  I guess that could be my talent.  “How to clear a room in ten seconds flat featuring Ruth…”

Casey read a book.  Papa played guitar and sang. My brother in law played the saxophone.  My niece did a stand up comedienne routine.  Riley was a magician.  My sister alphabetized long words like the librarian that she is.  (Guess you had to be there.)  Are you curious yet as to what I did?

What happens when you get 21 family members in a room and REQUIRE them to showcase their talent?  I’ll tell you what happens.  You’re bound to get a strip tease out of it.  A strip-polka if you’re lucky.

What was I to do? It was my Grandma’s idea.  I couldn’t let her down.

When Grandma was about ten years old, this song was popular.  It was considered so risque that the local radio station banned it.  But Grandma used to stay up late at night to listen to the Tijuana Mexico station so she could hear her strip polka.  I can only imagine her dancing around the room flinging off clothes.  And here she is 69 years later basically doing the same thing.

This Thanksgiving I am particularly thankful for my Mom and Grandma.  For lots of reasons, not the least is this.  Who else would I dance the strip polka with?


7 Responses to “What happens when…”

  1. Carrie Says:

    I’m speechless (and I was there for the real-life version)…still haven’t recovered!

  2. Keri Says:

    Oh My Gawd. Once again, you are the bravest soul I know.

    When I read you were needing a talent, I thought of that fantastic arm trick you do. NO one could hold a candle to that! But This, THIS was the best choice.

    Hands down.


  3. Doug Says:

    wow. i thought i had seen it all, but seeing my 79 year old grandma doing that, took my breath away. love you all. love amanda

  4. Siera Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love it. I think grandma was in her element!

  5. Judith Says:

    Did my fellow Mexican people understand this song in Tijuana?
    I loved the grandma’s moves 😉

  6. Kelly Says:

    2 things… #1… this needs to be on youtube…

    #2… my favorite part is Kim’s giggle…

    love and miss you all….

  7. Kaye Says:

    Oh, my hell! That was hysterical. My cube-mates are wondering why I have tears streaming down my face!

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