My name is Casey and I am a Lego addict.

Have you ever seen a 3 year old do Legos until his fingers bleed, then put on bandages and keep on doing them? I had not either until last week.

Riley got a piano keyboard for solstice/X-mas/our anniversary, whatever holiday it is we celebrate now.  Casey got a big box of Legos –  a construction kit. The box said ages 5 – 14 but we figured that with a little help Casey could have fun.

Casey opened up the box and immediately pulled out the instructions.  He had Mama K open up the first bag of Legos and that is when the addiction took hold.

Casey built a tractor, a crane, an elevator and a shop in two days.  He did all this mainly by himself with just a little help from his “hooley”.  When asked what a hooley was, he said, “Mom, it’s you.  You’re my hooley.  My squeezer.”  His poor little fingers sometimes couldn’t squeeze hard enough to get the Lego in place.  After a long weekend of Lego building, Casey’s fingers were split and bleeding but he wouldn’t stop.

Last night our used to be Manny still good friend Will came over for dinner and he brought the boys each a present.  Riley got a Star Wars model that he then went to work putting together with Will.  Will bought Casey a Lego trash/recycling truck.  Will got Riley a Star Wars Lego set last month for his birthday but Riley hadn’t yet got it all put together.  He worked on it a bit last week but mainly Casey just told Riley what to do.  Riley was pretty good natured about it as Casey kept correcting Riley’s mistakes, but after being put in his place by his little brother, he put it away and hadn’t gotten it back out.  Will helped Riley get his model put together and then helped Riley finish off his Lego set.  By the time Riley was done, Casey had put together the whole Lego truck all by himself.  He has found his niche.

Casey was not excited to get back to his routine this morning.  Head Start means only one thing to him.  Less time for Legos.

We have a whole new discipline system worked out using Legos now.  Last night at bedtime Mama K. told Casey not to get out of bed or else he wouldn’t be able to play Legos today.  We didn’t hear a peep.  Have I mentioned how frustrating bedtime can be with the need for apple juice, lights, songs, stuffed animals, and checking for monsters under the bed?  This happens one request at a time mind you.  No more, now he just asks to get up earlier than usual so he can play Legos.

We still need to find that one thing that Riley shines at.  He tries so many things and enjoys them for a brief time but soon enough he gets bored and wants to quit.  The list of what doesn’t captivate Riley is getting longer and longer.  He’s starting piano lessons this month to make music on his new keyboard.  He expects to be “ready for his band” in 6 months.   Will the piano be a hit or will it join the rejection pile?  And will Riley ever find the thing that he can do for hours on end with nothing but joy and excitement?


3 Responses to “My name is Casey and I am a Lego addict.”

  1. kelly Says:

    give him a few years… you won’t see him anymore when he finds “the thing that he can do for hours on end with nothing but joy and excitement!”

    hope you are all well… miss you bunches. much love!

  2. Doni Faber Says:

    I love this entry!

    Has Riley tried theatre? It seems he has a flair for the dramatic. 🙂

    I have yet to find my thing that I can do for hours on end. I’m always getting passionately interested in something else.

  3. Dancing Queen Says:

    haha casey and his leggos

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