Whatcha doin?

I overheard the following conversation between Riley and Casey a couple of weeks ago.

Riley:  Casey, you say, “Whatcha doin?”  I will say “eating chocolate.”  Okay?  Then you say, “Where’d you get it?”  I will say, “From the doggie.”  You say, “Where’s the doggie?’  Then I will…

Casey:  I don’t like chocolate.

Riley.  I know you don’t.  It doesn’t matter.  It isn’t chocolate.  So then I will say, “Behind the door.”  Okay? Then you say, “What’s he doin'”  That’s all you have to do.  I will say, “makin’ more.”

Casey:  We don’t have a doggie.

Riley:  I know we don’t have a doggie.  It’s a joke.  We’re going to tell Mamma the joke okay?  It’s not about chocolate.  Its just a joke.  It’s about poop.  Okay, you start.  Remember, you say, “Whatcha doin?”

Casey: Whatca doin? (As if he never heard Riley say the word poop.)

Riley: Eating Chocolate.

Casey:  I don’t like chocolate.

Riley: No.  You say, where’d you get it?  Okay.  Try it again.

Casey: Where’d you get it?

Riley:  From the doggie.

Casey: Where’s the doggie?

Riley: Behind the door

Casey: What’s he doin?

Riley:  Makin’ more.

Riley:  Good job Casey.  Now lets practice.  (They rehearse several more times, Casey gets better with each practice.

Five minutes later, Riley parades Casey into the living room to have me listen to their joke.

Casey starts: Whatcha doin?

Riley: Eating chocolate

Casey:  Don’t eat that brother, it’s poop!


8 Responses to “Whatcha doin?”

  1. Sheri Says:

    You always make me laugh!!

  2. Judith Says:

    jajajajajajajajajajajajaja Mi quesito y Rylito …los quiero mucho! jajajajajaja

  3. Carrie Says:

    Funny and cute but not worth the month wait…write more! (You know I love to torment you.)

  4. kelly Says:


  5. The other sister Says:

    I love those boys… One should never drink coffee while reading Ruth’s blog. It just might giggle out your nose.

  6. kim Says:

    is it really possible that I’m still laughing about this!?!

  7. all.around.athlete Says:


  8. Naveen Says:


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