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Casey’s First Intentional Lie

June 7, 2010

I could fill you in on the last 7 weeks with photos of Driggs, Idaho and Yellowstone where I took the boys with some old friends to get out of Kim’s hair while she wrote her dissertation.  Or I could write about Kim’s graduation where she walked across the stage right after her best friend and got hooded by her advisor.  And how her parents came that weekend though right after graduation she had a full day at the state Democratic Convention as a delegate.   I could write about my exercise study and how I’ve exercised between 60 and 90 minutes a day 5 X a week for the last 12 weeks.  I could write about how exhausted I am, about how I have gained 12 pounds since starting this exercise regime.  I could write about how almost every weekend this spring was rainy and cold while the weekdays were warm and sunny.  I could write about how I put in a seat deposit to the UU for law school this fall and how we aren’t moving anywhere at least right now.  I could share that my last day of work is July 9th.  I could write about how much it sucks for someone you love to work their ass off for 6 years only to finish their PHD in the middle of a global economic recession and all that work but no job (yet)  to show for it.  I could write about how I had a meltdown in my sister’s kitchen because my children each spilled their eggs all over the floor just seconds apart.  Did I mention that I could write about how exhausted I am? 

I could write about Casey’s IEP appointment and Speech Therapy progress and how now when you ask him his name he smiles boldly and then makes a guttural sound so deep you think you’re about to get vomited on, then through the guttural hacking he produces a perfectly good “K” sound.   I could write about how Riley had a retainer for 5 weeks in order to move a new permanent tooth where it’s supposed to be and how cute he looked with his retainer and how his tooth did move and he might not even need braces later on.  (Speaking of odd, throaty sounds, Riley produced plenty of them while wearing his retainer.)  I could write about a lot because it is true that 7 weeks have passed since I last wrote.  But I don’t really know how to respond to the silence that I perpetuated for so long.  I mentioned that I’m exhausted right?   So instead of trying to fill in the gaps right now, I’m going to write this.

Sometime in the last 7 weeks, Casey learned how to lie.

And lie he now does.


A couple of weeks ago Case came pitter pattering up the stairs right after we got them both settled downstairs for a 20 minute tv show and an evening snack. 

Casey, “Riley dumped out his snack all over the floor.”

Just then we hear more footsteps coming up from being him.

Casey continued speeding up in order to get the sentence out before Riley appeared, “And Riley is coming upstairs right now to tell you I did it.”

Riley, “Casey dumped out my snack.”